Tedeschi Trucks Band knows how to get tight

I love when a band proves it can think out of the box.

Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks proved that so by putting together a really cool video for NPR’s great feature, the Tiny Desk Concert.

Room to grow for Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi? (From NPR.org)

Room to grow for Derek Triucks and Susan Tedeschi? (From NPR.org)

The southern rock blues bunch proved you can indeed get 12 working musicians crammed behind one desk.

My connection with the so-very-talented wife-and-husband musicians goes back to my days as the music writer and critic for the big daily.

Tedeschi was still and up-and-coming guitarist and singer playing an afternoon outdoor set at the New York State Blues Festival in downtown Syracuse’s Clinton Square, I recall, when the gaggle of diehard fans around me starting firing off compliments about her performance, music filling the air, sun hitting her hair just right, her striking control of the stage. One guy eventually hit upon how beautiful she was, offering out loud how every man in the crowd would love to be with her. Which caused this equal time reply: “Every woman, too.” Yup.

Trucks visited while still a kid, really, getting a spot with uncle, drummer Butch Trucks, and his long-running gig with the Allman Brothers Band. Years after, Derek brought his own band through Central New York, and his publicist set up an interview to advance the show. We talked on the phone for a half hour, hitting it off on many subjects — including his relationship with Susan. After Derek hung up, the publicist came back on the connection. In fact, she told me she’s stayed on listening, and complimented me for my easy way of making Derek comfortable and good questions. When showtime came, I was surprised when the local promoter came out to where I was seated with my dear wife Karen beforehand — good seats, too, half-dozen rows back and dead center. He carried a message. “Derek wants to say hello to the dean of Central New York music critics,” the guy said. Wide smile, you bet.

Coming to Syracuse on Tuesday, the Tedeschi Trucks Band. (Publicity Photo)

Coming to Syracuse on Tuesday, the Tedeschi Trucks Band. (Publicity Photo)

Which leads me to now, and an email sent to me by the current Tedeschi Trucks Band publicist Danielle:

Tedeschi Trucks Band’s new album ‘Let Me Get By’ is out now, and it’s earned praise from Rolling Stone, and the Associated Press, who called it “one of the great records of the year.” The Wall Street Journal says ‘Let Me Get By’ “reflects transformation: It’s a varied collection of songs that sounds cohesive even while gliding through rock, soul, blues, jazz and world music.” They just performed at Southern Ground Music Festival …

Syracuse-area fans can see the band at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Crouse-Hinds Concert Theater in the downtown Mulroy Civic Center. TicketMaster says there aren’t many tickets left.

Here’s the link that will get you to the video of the band with that video above.

Here’s a link to the band on NPR’s World Cafe.

Which do you prefer, southern rock or blues, and why? Which wife-and-husband musician team is your favorite, and why? Which acts have you liked better as a band than solo, and why?


20 thoughts on “Tedeschi Trucks Band knows how to get tight

  1. Love her voice and the slide guitar! I wasn’t going to admit it Mark, but I clicked onto your screen shot of the video – very tricky my friend! Glad you provided the link at the end. ❤
    Diana xo


  2. You see, do, and know the coolest things, Mark! Blues for me. I may like me some Southern Comfort, but not so much the Southern Rock. Though musically these folks are talented. Don’t know enough about music to answer your other questions intelligently so shall remain mum. X-:


  3. I listened to her in the 90’s. Had no idea she was just a kid! Wow, she’s so much younger than me haha. Seriously, it surprises me how much we don’t hear of amazing musicians like this. If the top 40 stations put this music out there, she would be mobbed everywhere she went


  4. Great post, Mark! I have loved Susan Tedeschi since her first CD came out many years ago – I heard “Hurt So Bad” and I was hooked by her deep bluesy voice right away ❤ When it comes to music, I have many favs, but love the blues & southern rock . . . hard to pick one over the other, as sometimes they collide 🙂


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