Beware the deep hole

Some stop signs are just there.

Yes we will.

Yes we will.

And some stop signs scream out for you to obey them.

On a recent walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and I came up short at one particular marked street corner.

Past the shouting red instructions was further barriers. They were orange and white. They protected a drainage ditch of some sort. It looked as if it had partially sunk onto itself.

Ellie B would have investigated more if I had not kept a tight leash.

Bad things await below.

Bad things await below.

24 thoughts on “Beware the deep hole

  1. Bwahaha! I must confess Mark that I am a connoisseur of holes- I know how Ellie feels.Had I been walking her,we would have investigated further. From an early age, I was digging holes whenever the opportunity presented itself. I should do a post on it this week.Holes fascinate me – whenever I see one, I have to go investigate. Some are funny,some curious and some sad. One day I pulled into the supermarket to pick up some groceries. It was a beautiful spring day and a work crew was gathered in one corner of the parking lot with a service truck containing welding gear and tools of all sorts. They were all looking into a hole, so I had to wander over and see what was going on. There were four men,three looking into the hole and one standing down in this hole that was about 2 feet deep. Projecting from the center of the hole was a pipe of some sort. It was obvious that they had just dug the hole around the pipe as the ground and pavement was piled to one side and a jackhammer lay on the ground. They had run acetylene hoses from the truck and the guy in the hole was holding the torch unlit. I joined them and we all quietly pondered the pipe for a few minutes, much like a group of village men gathered around a never before seen object that appeared on the main street. Then I broke the silence with; “Whatcha doin’?” The answer was simple: “Every spring this pipe pokes through the asphalt and we were hired to remove it.” I grunted my understanding and we all pondered for a few more minutes. Then the guy in the hole lit the torch and I spoke up:” What’s on the other end of the pipe?” No one knew. I then continued: “I wouldn’t touch that pipe with the torch.What if it has an old gas storage tank on the other end?” There was a pause, then the guy in the hole turned off the torch. Having done my part, I bid them good-day and walked away as they returned to pondering the pipe. Ha!

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