A together drive is always a bargain

Destination: Walk around.

Destination: Walk around.

With our first shared day off in a couple of weeks, my dear wife Karen and I jumped into her pretty red Mazda Friday afternoon and headed west on the New York State Thruway.

We rekindled a tradition that had sat idle for a year or so, thanks to … Oh, the combination of a lot of new stores opening in Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, the state of my discretionary funds and my new work schedule at the store.

But a trip to the Waterloo Premium Outlets was worth the 40-or-so mile drive on a sunny day.

Four sides to navigate.

Four sides to navigate.

We knew we’d walk all four sides of the big collection of outlets stores, sticking our heads (and bodies) inside wherever the mood struck us.

And I was in the market for some new shoes, and perhaps a pair of pants or two.

Karen just wanted to look at some kitchen stuff she’s had on her mind.

Relax, we did.

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We completed our loop of the square, and our shopping needs.

Fortuitously, I had a small pocket of cash from my season’s winnings from my bowling season, where my improvements to an average of 165 and even more, the good rolling of Steve, Randy, Tiny and Tom had helped CiCi’s Pizza to our best money finish yet.

Karen brought some green from her job at SMG, too.

Our stuff.

Our stuff.

The car was a little heavier for the trip back east.

Where is your favorite place to shop, and why? What’s the last thing you bought yourself, and why? Where did you go on your last day trip, and why?


28 thoughts on “A together drive is always a bargain

  1. Hi Mark! I’m making the trip here now to tell you that we both published our posts at the same exact time this morning. Yesterday, I took a long walk by myself to the Fresh Pond Shopping Mall in Cambridge and bought a new backpack, headphones, and a portable phone charger.


  2. ooh, i love together drives. and love outlets. my fav places are tjmaxx and target, but i love the outlets too, because you never know what great deal you’ll find, especially those that you didn’t know you needed. how great that your bowling skills have helped fund the adventure. )


    • That is a great key about these places you pointed out, Beth. You don’t know what you want from them until you see it, indeed. Yes, the bowling payoff was great timing for this visit, for sure. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. When I was with my ex , we used to do that – drive and shop.Her favorite place to shop was Sherbrooke St. in Montreal – a lot of fashion shops there and they would haggle for price. Ha! Marie was looking at a 3/4 length leather coat one Sunday, and she decided she didn’t need it. We left and the salesman chased us right out onto the sidewalk, bargaining. Marie really was not interested but when the salesman got down to 50% of the sticker price, she caved and bought it. She had that coat for years and it was very warm.


  4. I like to shop at thrift stores, consignment shops, garage sales, rummage sales and antique places. Oh, and the distinctive, local places like Fall Hill Bead and Gems in Little Falls or Earthly Matters in Ilion. I’m not a big shopper in any case, but oh I so love a road trip! Speaking of rare days off together, Steven has the whole weekend off as do I, but, alas, he is ill with another cold. No adventures for us! Glad you had a good time with your wife.


  5. The last thing I bought myself was a dress on the first day back at work in January. I bought it at a boutique store in the city during my lunch hour. It is patterned with a few strange color mix, yellow, green, orange, white. It is different. I like it. Designed in Canada.


  6. I’m just gearing up for a quick trip to the local mall to pick up some face cream. I’m not a big shopper, and I really kind of dread going. I’m a get it and go shopper, but still, I always buy something I don’t need … But my husband is even worse about shopping (and would starve to death before he ever considered returning a mistaken purchase/something that doesn’t fit).

    Our drives are to nice places to walk the dog, which I can sanctimoniously say we did this morning at 7 am!


  7. I hate shopping but when we do have, we drive out to Gilroy (the garlic capital of the world) and going to the Premium Outlets there. You can save a boatload of money if find the things you are looking for!!!!


  8. Actually, my last day trip was today. I’ll be doing a post on it shortly. It involves animals, an unmarked, unpaved road, and good eats.

    I’m glad you and Karen were able to get out together on a weekend. I imagine it’s really hard to coordinate those schedules.


  9. Aww, what a nice outing! We have a couple of outlet malls each about an hour away. It’s fun to go into all the stores and browse. You gotta know the deals since the word “outlet” does not automatically mean great prices. Mr. B is a bigger shopper than I am believe it or not!


    • The prices in some of these stores make me totally aware that your definition of outlet is correct, Mrs. B. And that’s fun, the fact that Mr. B is a good shopper — like me. ๐Ÿ™‚


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