Melissa McCarthy’s laughs as The Boss come despite her foul script



Melissa McCarthy us is our queen of comedy. The Boss won’t knock her off her thrown, no, what with her ample opportunities to use that wise timing, the familiar voice patterns, those physical pranks … Well, unless you’ve turned the channel on her long-running TV show Mike and Molly and subsequent rise on the big screen with Bridesmaids and more, you know her style.

McCarthy also co-wrote this latest comedy, with her husband Ben Falcone — who also directed — and actor Steve Mallory. And there’s the rub.

The story, well, let’s call it royally dubious.

McCarthy plays Michelle Darnell, an orphan who grows up to become the 47th-richest woman in America because of her shark-like business skills and self-absorbed ways. But an arrest for insider-trading lands her in prison, and after five months inside, she’s released broke and homeless. A semi-sympathetic former assistant, played by the likeable Kristen Bell, is talked into taking the irascible Michelle into their small apartment by her doe-eyed daughter (also enjoyable Ella Anderson).

Ma Claire has taken on a job to pay the bills, so she entrusts Michelle to watch young Rachel, and to get the sad former rich boss off the couch, too.

So far, so good.

That leads to the bulb going on at a cookie-selling meeting at a girls-organization meeting.

And here’s where it unravels, unfortunately, into too much.

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy in The Boss. (From

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy in The Boss. (From

Ample foul language. Sexual talk in front of the kids. A fight scene between competing groups, led by Michelle and her adult rival and spread to the youngsters. Silly sword play between Michelle and her former paramour in front of Rachel.

There’s a sweet lesson of redemption wrapped inside as Michelle does her dastardly thing but then learns a new thing or two.

The film is rated R, but even at a 10:05 Friday night show in the Regal Cinemas’ big RPX Theater in Syracuse mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, some parents brought kids that were obviously not yet teens.

Such is the draw of McCarthy, and why so much of this stuff is just not right. If she’s writing her own material, she’s got to know her audience better than this.

Who is your favorite comic actress of today, and why? Do you appreciate the work of Melissa McCarthy, and why? What’s your favorite Melissa McCarthy movie, and why?

28 thoughts on “Melissa McCarthy’s laughs as The Boss come despite her foul script

  1. I think Melissa McCarthy is a very funny lady. That said I have not liked her last 2 movies.

    I love her sketch comedy on SNL. I could watch them over and over and laugh every time.


  2. I’m another one who loved her on Gilmore Girls, but I’ve been pretty much dismayed by the crude type of comedy that’s made her famous. I’d love to see her in a part where she could show some of those more subtle talents she displayed on GG. Just based on the trailers I haven’t planned to see this and you’ve pretty much helped finalize that decision. Even though I also like Kristen Bell. Veronica Mars fan. Can you tell I watch too much TV? 🙂


  3. i saw this last weekend, and it was kind of hit or miss for me. a bit over the top where it didn’t really need to be. some of the scenes were funny, but ended up going too long or too far, and lots of violence and crude moments that were too much. i do find her talented, especially when she doesn’t try so hard. i love her with bill murray in st. vincent, where she played a more serious character. her talent really shone through.


  4. I think Melissa McCarthy can be funny but I think some of her humor can cross the line between funny and trying to hard, which it seems might be the case here. It’s no good if it just doesn’t fit. Gratuitous might be a good word for it.


  5. Not too sure about her. It all depends on the writing. Her movies are a “hit or miss” for me. I think she is talented, but so often goes for the cheapest laugh. I think her work on “Spy” might have been the best for me.☺


  6. Thank you for a very thorough review on a movie I couldn’t decide to see or not. You helped me make my decision. Disappointing, though. I like Melissa 🙂
    Speaking of movies…have you seen Superman vs. Batman? I LOVED it!
    Hope you’re doing well and sorry that I’ve been away for so long 🙂


    • It’s too bad that Melissa strayed so far into Yucko on this one, Michelle. I think she is talented, as do you.

      No, I have yet to see the battle of the super heroes. I’ll have to see it on cable! Thanks for the recommendation, my friend.

      And sorry I haven’t been over to your place, either. So busy working at the store. So busy in fact that no, I did not see either of the games between your Royals and my Mets to open the season!

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  7. I’m not a fan of McCarthy’s mark. I find her humor too gross, relying on crude swearing rather than any intelligence. She threatens and abuses and is violent – all qualities I do not like. Thanks for the review Mark – well done – but I’ll take a pass in the movie


  8. More likely than not I will watch the movie someday. I like Melissa’s movies even if the plot isn’t always the best. I’ve always loved her possibilities as an actress when I first saw he on Gilmore Girls. She’s a great comedic actress, but she needed a little help with this one in the writing. Maybe she needs some help form SNL writers? I watched one of her movies with Susan Sarandon and felt that was a little better than this one although I cringed when her character was robbing a convenience store.


  9. I was a big fan of hers up until I saw this movie. A few funny parts, but too crude and over the line for me, way over. She wastes her comedic talent by resorting to this when she could be making quality films. Mike and Molly was a favorite show of mine, but I am done with her. You’re right about the audience including children, surely she knows this, and shame on her.

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