Snow apparent reason

I set this morning’s alarm for 5:10 a.m., to ease my way back into tomorrow’s opening shift at the store.

Full frontal effect.

Full frontal effect.

My first stop was the kitchen, to push the button on my coffee maker, loaded with Dunkin’ last night.

The view out the front window of our Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood sent me running for the camera on my iPad Air.

Yes, snow has hit us significantly on April 3. Inches worth.

I was too busy watching the Syracuse men lose to North Carolina in the Final Four of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament last night to catch the late weather forecast on the TV news to hear this forecast. (More about that, and tonight’s women’s Final Four game for the Orange, next week.)

White and black out back.

White and black out back.

The view was equally unsettling for spring off the back porch.

I’m not going anywhere until later this afternoon, when I’ll drive off to mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA to view my weekly movie for tomorrow morning’s review here.

My dear wife Karen, though, has a spa day long planned with her girlfriends at Turning Stone Resort and Casino, some 25 miles east down the Thruway. Meeting time is 9 a.m. So I still have some car-brushing to do.

The snow sure looks pretty at this black-and-white time of day, doesn’t it, though?

Have you experienced unseasonal snow where you live, and if so, how much did it inconvenience you? When is the latest snow you can remember where you live, and how much? Which photo is your favorite, and why?


45 thoughts on “Snow apparent reason

  1. Ahhh, I saw that coming. I checked your weather forecast for the If We Were Having Coffee post today and I shuddered – you have more snow coming. It has gotten very cold here as well and we are expecting some flurries. I have seen flurries here in May – when I trucked, I’ve seen flurries in Newfoundland in June. Yuck! I like the picture out your front window Mark. The street light shows the snow well. Stay warm my friend.


    • The latest I recall here — sticking snow, that is — was a Mother’s Day storm that gave us quite a Mother’s Day morning in the 1990’s, Paul. Yes, more to come. Thanks for your kind words about the photo, my friend. You know your snow. 🙂

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  2. same here, mark, but only about an inch. the air feels like winter again, too. as for the orange, we watched the game, and sorry for your loss, though i must confess, mg, picked n. carolina to take it all. on to the women, may they prevail!


    • I will root for Carolina against Villanova, and hopefully MG wins his bracket pool, Beth! And yes, go Orange women tonight. 🙂 I hope your inch melts quickly over there, Beth.


  3. We’ll be brushing off cars here in Herkimer, NY, too. I have to admire your getting up at 5:10 merely to get used to it. My current rising time is 3 a.m., and when I don’t work it’s as late as possible (a slightly better 4 a.m. yesterday, an almost leisurely six today). I’ve been looking at the weather all week in some disappointment, but what are you going to do?


  4. We woke up to the same scene yesterday in Wisconsin. I can report that it is almost gone already and I think we got at least 1 inch. Hope it goes away quickly for you too!


  5. Yes, I heard that it was snowing in some places on the East Coast. I remember a major snowstorm in April in Brooklyn when I was a girl. It warmed up and melted quickly though. A good thing!


  6. That hardly seems fair in April, does it? We had incredible wind storm last night. Noisy!

    When I lived in Cambridge, MA in the late 70s it snowed one year on May 7. I believe it was the year that held the previous record for snow 77-78, but I’m not sure. It does seem rude when this happens, though, doesn’t it?


    • Yes, Chuck. Yesterday morning I put out yard clippings that had sat our all winter because the first collection of spring is tomorrow morning. No new bagging for me yet this year, either, my Westylvania friend.


  7. Ugh! So, So sorry!
    Cleveland Indians Home Opener was canceled… not one flake of snow… Just Cold. Can you believe that???
    They were out here in Phoenix for Spring Training… guess they have Thin Blood Now.


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