Syracuse and snow, together again

November nighttime snowfall in Syracuse, N.Y.

Snow falls on a sleepy night in Syracuse, N.Y.

We walked up the Syracuse University hill to the Carrier Dome yesterday in the fall. The temperature was in the 40s, the grass was holding onto some green and there was a bit of blue in the sky.

We walked down the hill from the Orange’s bitter 17-16 loss to Pittsburgh in the winter. The temperature was low enough in the 30s for the snow to be already piling up, leaving not a stitch of green. The skies were a dark gray and the wind was whipping around in such a manner to reveal why there’s this line in Central New York weather forecasts: snow and blowing snow.

Ellie B, happy dog, in the November snow in Syracuse, N.Y.

Our biggest fan of the snow, Ellie B.

It continued to snow through the night, nothing drastic for these parts, just enough to completely cover the cars and give our happy Ellie B a couple of inches to dig her snout in as she owned her white backyard in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

Before leaving for the football game yesterday, I had taken the shovels out of the shed and placed them onto the back porch. They are ready. I am willing, sort-of.

There could be more today.

Cars covered with snow in Syracuse, N.Y.

The brushes will be busy soon.

A phrase I dread, “lake effect,” was heard on weather forecasts for this Sunday.

That’s when bands of heavy snow drift south and east — our direction — from the still-warming waters of Lake Ontario. It’s a snow-making machine.

I do believe I will see autumn again.

[Right now, though, it feels like that will come sometime in September next year.

Butterfly garden covered in snow in Syracuse, N.Y.

Our backyard butterfly garden majestically displays its wintry gift from Mother Nature.

10 thoughts on “Syracuse and snow, together again

  1. You have my sympathies. I have spent most of my life being grateful for being on the non “lake-effect” snow side of Michigan. The winters in Grand Rapids always look twice as bad as ours. Sure is pretty over there in the summer though.


  2. It’s brrr in KY also. I may have to break tradition and turn the heat on and oh, how I hate having to do that. Hope there’s no snow or ice this year, but if we have to have one or the other, I’ll take the snow. Impossible to maneuver in one of our ice storms. They had to shut the state down one year, because we aren’t equipped to deal with ice — or snow. Supposed to be in the south. Hah!


    • If there’s one thing that separates Syracuse apart from any other place I’ve ever lived, it’s how efficient they are at snow removal. They try hard with salt and sand, but I don’t think there’s any way for man to beat ice when it wants to paralyze a place. Don’t get too chilly there in Kentucky. Go ahead, put the heat on! Thanks so much for commenting, Angie.


      • I hate to give in to the weather. Plus I have MS and if I get too hot it really acts up, so it’s better in the long run to stay cold and add sweatshirts and long johns. And Lord knows what our winter will be like, because we had a really crazy summer. I may have to hibernate.


      • I just watched the TV weather report. We are now supposed to get up to 6 inches of snow on Thanksgiving, up to 10 in the outlying areas. My daughter and boyfriend will be traveling in 40 miles from an outlying area. May my worrying begin.


  3. Oh it looks so beautiful in photos! Here we are still in autumn. The leaves are hanging in there. Of course if it does snow everything will grind to a halt. Britain is hopeless at dealing with even an inch of snow. Sad but true. Thanks for the nomination by the way – i’ll have to email you to just make sure I’ve understood what to do next!! (hopeless at any thing computer technical – that’s also sad but true)


    • The road crews know how to handle snow here in Central New York because they get so much practice removing it. It does look pretty, though, I will agree with you there. When it snows over there in London, I expect you to be snapping away for Could Do Worse, Rachel! (Email me any questions you have about your much deserved nomination. It’s your turn to pass the honor on to other blogs you like. It’s really easy.)


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