Stephen Douglas Wolfe celebrates We’ll Live

Out comes the single from Stephen Douglas Wolfe. (Photo courtesy of Ulf Oesterle)

Out comes the single from Stephen Douglas Wolfe. (Photo courtesy of Ulf Oesterle)

My good friend Ulf Oesterle sent over a note about a show in downtown Syracuse featuring Stephen Douglas Wolfe.

And when a musician catches the ear and wins over the heart of Oesterle, it’s time to take notice. I know that from the years he pointed me toward cool sounds when I toiled as the music writer and critic for the big daily and he ran his own label in Syracuse, and then went on to become assistant professor in Syracuse University’s Bandier Program and department chair of its Music and Entertainment Industries Program.

Ulf writes:

It’s been so long since I’ve had music that I could send your way! I’ve finally got some to share with you.

I’ve been working with Stephen Douglas Wolfe for a little while now, and on March 25, we’ll celebrate the release of his first 7″ record. The A-side is a track called “We’ll Live” and is one that I’m pretty excited about. The show itself will have Josh Coy, Amanda Rogers and Simplelife playing alongside SDW with the show at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

Hey, that’s tonight.

The show is at Funk ‘N Waffles Downtown.

Ulf sent me a private link to We’ll Live. Tasty.

And he also sent info needed to find O River, from Stephen Douglas Wolfe’s Subrosa Session at Subcat Music Studios in Syracuse’s Armory Square so you can check SDW out as well. Enjoy.

What do you think about the song “O River” from the YouTube clip?What do you think about a joint with the name Funk ‘N Waffles? Have you ever purchased a 7-inch record? (You might be surprised about this.)

16 thoughts on “Stephen Douglas Wolfe celebrates We’ll Live

  1. SDW really impressed us with his attention to detail on this single. The show was great, too. Each artist left everything they had on stage. Thanks for the shout out Mark!


  2. Hey Mark!!!! Cool song!!!! I have a box of 45s, have lugged them around for years. I have some vision of getting an old juke box and filling it up with all my 45s. I hear vinyl is coming back, and that is a good thing!!!!!


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