An unappealing task

There are some things in life you know are not in your wheelhouse.

I can’t dive.

At the end of the tip-toe down the ladder or along the sand/rocks, I’m not the best swimmer.

I much prefer the long-necked lighter over matches to ignite a grill.

Dear wife Karen, it’s time for the new car registration to go on again.

Which side goes where?

Which side goes where?

Yes, my new, two-year New York state sticker came in the mail the other day. The portion that does not go in my wallet must be affixed to the windshield of my Chevy Cruze by April.

How do you separate the sticky side from the throwaway?

What’s that tearing sound?

Where’s the Scotch tape?

Who invented these things, anyway?

That’s what went on in my life before Karen took over the procedure for me.

What do you know you always have trouble accomplishing properly? What do you avoid it altogether, and who and how do you get them to do it for you? Can you come up with a better registration sticker, and if so, what’s your suggestion?


39 thoughts on “An unappealing task

  1. Hanging things on the wall. I’ve been told I’m not good at it… I like to “eyeball” instead of using yardsticks, levels, etc. I leave the task to at least 2 other members of the family. No problem giving up the task, Mark. ☺


  2. we have a little colored sticker with the date on it that goes on the license plate. The registration is a half sheet of paper that lives in the glove box with the insurance note. I keep them in a plastic folder. The draw back is that when dropped in the mechanics parking lot the little insurance squares tend to fly like birds and the most important last one lands in the middle of the intersection. πŸ™‚


  3. My new registration is due any now – it also needs to be affixed by the end of April. I won’t even attempt it – hubby can do it for me. As for thing I’m bad at – I definitely do not have a green thumb. House plants die if I so much as look at them, so I don’t have any. Thank goodness, I don’t have that problem with pets.


  4. All four of our cars registrations were due this month. My husband always takes care of this. I am busy painting trim – which I love to do. He hates doing trim. It’s a good trade-off.


    • In our house, Joey, the shower curtain hang is sometimes done as a two-person job. When I’m home and available. Otherwise, Karen somehow struggles through it herself. I’d hate to go at that one alone, for sure!

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  5. There are a few things that aren’t in my wheelhouse Mark. Some have been done by others for me, others I’ve had to learn to do for myself like my taxes (UFile had been a Godsend) and creating budgets. I get the feeling that you and Karen really complement each other, talent-wise and I’m so glad for both of you. ❀
    Diana xo


  6. Bwahaha! You’re not alone Mark, believe me. As the safety manager of a fleet at my last job,that task fell to me for about 50 tractor trailers. Because it cost about $2000 to register each, head office always waited until 3 days before expiry to write the DMV a cheque for the $100,000. I had 3 days to catch and sticker the whole fleet out of Ottawa. Lord I hated that. One of the VP’s was given his registration and he so hated putting on the sticker that he threw the registration in the glove box assuming he could show it when asked and that would be OK. It turns out that the DMV takes a dim view of that because you could, in theory move the stickers from vehicle to vehicle.The police did stop him eventually and gave him a $250 fine for having the stickers and not having them on. Ha! It is only a $150 fine here for not having the stickers.

    Anyway, you’re not alone Mark, be of good cheer.


  7. Those things are, shall we say, counterintuitive. But at least they’re better than the ones NYS had a few years ago — the state contracted with an Ohio company that made stickers that … didn’t. They peeled in the heat of summer, forcing tens of thousands of scotch tape purchases and half-ass tape jobs on windshields. They solved that issue, but then had a problem later with license plates in which the letters and numbers peeled off. Talk about an invitation to be pulled over! Can you say “lowest bidder”?


  8. Oh yeah – my husband handles those stickers, and anything else that needs precision & a good eye & straight hand πŸ™‚ If I had to deal with those stickers, there’d probably be nothing left to tape LOL!!! .


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