A Short Drive

It’s that time of week again, where we welcome the wit and wisdom of our Canadian friend Paul Curran. We just turned the clocks ahead in the U.S., so “Spring Ahead” means you actually had to wait an hour less for the 3 a.m. Eastern publish time to arrive, luck readers! Here’s Paul.

Paul Curran

Paul Curran

Well I’ve been busting to tell you guys this for many months now, but it seemed like it was only a possibility, and a slight one at that. Now, as the time comes, it is getting more and more likely, and by next week there will be signed contracts. It appears as if I will be moving across the country to live in Vancouver.

The opportunity is a rare one – one that comes out of a set of circumstances that is so unlikely as to be surreal. A relative of a good friend of mine had purchased a retirement single-family dwelling in Vancouver. He bought into a new retirement community and, in fact, purchased three units. His intention was to rent out two units, which he has done, and retire in the third one himself. He is only 57, but is an executive level accountant who has planned his retirement carefully. Once that was done, his company offered him a position at its Australian branch – an entry on his bucket list and one that was too good to pass up. He decided to take the offer and has been arranging the visas and the logistics of moving to Australia.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Last week, he received his visitors’ and work visa for Australia. That means he will not be using his retirement home for at least six years. It is an appreciating investment for him, and he does not want to sell, so he wanted two tenants who would take good care of his property for that time period.

British Columbia’s rental laws will give him a large tax benefit if he rents to two disabled persons – which both I and my neighbor are. That drops our rental payment to a figure lower than I am currently paying for a single room in Ottawa. He has done considerable background checks on us, including, believe it or not, reading how much you guys missed and worried about me when I went AWOL. He figured that if that many people said that many nice things about me. I must be a decent human. Thanks for your caring my friends. You have helped me get a new and better home.

So, B.C. requires a residency contract to protect both the renter and the landlord when a rental unit is occupied. These contracts have been drawn up by a lawyer here in Ottawa, and the owner is coming here to meet my neighbor (who is related) and myself, and sign and finalize the rental agreements between us. I get to see and read these contracts before signing – although they sound as if they are boiler-plate.

Should be a Good Drive

My neighbor has a 2014 Buick that is almost brand new (it was in storage), and he does not like driving. He was going to sell it and buy another car in B.C., and I told him I would drive it across the continent. He is willing to cover all the expenses. This is a final opportunity for me to relive my trucking days of cruising the highways. I have done the preliminary investigation of getting a dialysis treatment in mid-continent – likely around Topeka. No issues there. I have to pay cash but that is OK, I’ll have enough. I want to travel through the United States rather than Canada for a number of reasons, including weather.

It is still possible for this adventure to fall apart, and it seems too good to be true. We shall see. I am starting to get my hopes up. Vancouver is much, much better for me for a number of reasons. My Mum lives there, and she is getting older. I was concerned that I may not see her again, but this is a great opportunity. Second, with the nerve damage from the dialysis, I have a hard time walking, and there is very little snow and ice in Vancouver, allowing me to get out and exercise rather than being confined to my room. To be finished with winter weather would be delightful. When I was younger, it was an inconvenience, but as I age it becomes an impediment. Vancouver is also one of the fastest-growing, exciting cities in Canada. And finally, I was born and raised near an ocean, and I thought I would never get to live close to that major body of water again. Now I have that chance. For those who have not lived by an ocean, it is a presence in your life – a calming, reassuring, constant presence that adds greatly to your peace of mind.

So, You Thought Paul was Human Eh?

IF this comes to be and I set out on a journey across the U.S., I would like to meet and have a coffee with fellow bloggers along the way if they are available. That is the tentative plan, anyway. It is truly a once in a lifetime set of coincidences that may or may not come to fruition. But each day that passes, it appears to be becoming more real. If it all falls through, I’m fine where I am. It appears that the current schedule would see me casting off from Ottawa in the first week of May. Wish me luck!

I’ll keep you guys updated as the departure comes closer.

Here’s hoping it all works out. Thanks so much for your support and friendship – it has been life changing for me.

One Last Time

I Guy Can Still Dream, Can’t He?

69 thoughts on “A Short Drive

  1. Paul, I am so excited for you, and crossing fingers & saying prayers all works out in your favor! I have spent most of my life by the ocean – it was truly my front yard when I lived in Hawaii, barely a stone’s throw away. Where I live now is less than 10 mins from the bay – feel like I have a bit of salt water running through my veins! Though I loved my time spent in the mountains, my dad was a Navy & Coast Guard guy for over 30 years, so whenever I am by the sea, I feel at home ❤ Can't wait for your travel stories 😉
    Hope things are going well for you & yours, too, Mark!

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    • Thanks so much for the read and comment Sadie. The leave time is pushed back a few weeks because the owner is installing central air – to our benefit. It still looks as likely or more likely to happen though. Yep, the ocean becomes a part of you doesn’t it? I love it. Thanks again for the visit. 😀

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  2. Paul , this is delightful! Not only Vancouver but a trip with friend. A beautiful place for a beautiful person – you do belong there ( and I am so jealous – we often talk about trying to head that way – nice sailing, and islands…of course there ‘s the price of the boats and age/health to consider, too)
    It was time for the appropriate dream to find you – and it did. YEA!

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    • Thanks so much for dropping by Phil. It should be a great road trip. Haven’t had one of those for ages. It is expensive to live out there but all I need is a few crumbs left from the tables of the rich and I can get along quite nicely. I hope that Molly and HRH and the German are all well. You know it’s interesting when I mention Vancouver, everyone has elements of it they like – it is a very diverse city. Your sailing comment is neat. I’ve been on some of the Queen Charlotte islands – my God it is beautiful there and on the water around.

      Here’s hoping that all goes well. Thanks againj for the visit Phil.


    • Thanks so very much for dropping by Mel. I am honored that you came for a visit. Yes, I am hoping that this comes to fruition as it appears to be doing. Fingers crossed.


  3. Because I spent all morning doing two services at church and because I slept not a wink last night and had my nose in scripture, it sounds to me like God is going before you, making your crooked places straight and lining things up in your favor. Reading your post reminds me of how God gives us beauty for our ashes. You went through a low place (while we were all worried about you), and now it seems as though He is going to bring you into something much better than you could have dreamed. So DO get your hopes up! Anyhoo, that’s the lens through which I see it, and it is clear that things are looking up!

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  4. Thanks so much for putting this up here Mark!
    Paul… wow..wow, wow, wow.
    My smile just got braider and broader as I continued to read.
    I think it will happen. I do. I do. I just do.
    Yes it DOES sound too good to be true… but sometimes – just sometimes… shit just happens like that. 😉

    Oh and – how cool is it that the dude researched you and found out JUST how awesome you are?!
    A man above men I would not hesitate to say good sir.
    LOADS of hugs and love…
    let the journey continue, and as the case may be as of now – commence in style!

    Ps. Any chance of getting some wings on that Buick?… 😉

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    • Belinda! Awesome to see you here – thank you so very much for dropping by (I told you twice by accident – sorry). I’m getting excited just talking about the possible move. So, how have you and the family been? Still busy busy? I saw your cover art over at OM’s – wonderful, such talent. Thank you so, so much for the good wishes and Hugs – I can use all i can get. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again and give my regards to everyone. Every time I think of you now, you have a bird on each shoulder. ha! Too funny.


    • Thanks so much for dropping by IB. I’m starting to get excited now. I hope all goes according to plan.I will be passing through Eugene Or and driving north to Vancouver. If you live in that area and want to have coffee, I’d be honored. Thank you so much for the prayers – I can use all the help I can get. 🙂

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  5. HA! What great news, Paul! I can’t believe you didn’t even hint at this in our chats! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and will look forward to getting to have a real cuppa with you some day – soon.

    Mark,ha, ha, ha, love the cat pic and caption.

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    • Thank you so much for the read and good wishes Van. Here’s hoping it comes together – although there aren’t any road blocks left unless something unforeseen pops up.

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  6. Mark, you are lucky to be able to bring everybody this great news!

    Paul — YAHOO!!!! I really hope this all works out – it sounds fantastic. I think that the number of fingers crossed will surely slow down the ‘sphere, but it is in the best cause possible. Mine are firmly crossed. Vancouver sounds like a wonderful, wonderful place, and this opportunity — wow! Damn good!!!

    I grew up on the ocean, and need it in my life. So I very much understand how this must make your heart sing. Mine too for you!

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    • Hi Elyse! Thanks so much for dropping by. Love the way you put that about making my heart sing – perfect wording. I’ve visited Vancouver in the past and I love it. Ahhh, the ocean. 😀

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      • Funny how regionalized we we were on the Island and in Connecticut to have The Sound, capital T in all instances, and merely Long Island Sound. Hey, my father took us on the Port Jefferson-Bridgeport Ferry to cut the drive to relatives in Massachusetts a couple of times. And I got seasick.

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      • I was born in Bridgeport, and we were right straight across from Port Jeff — you didn’t call it The Long Island Sound? I read a couple of books set on Long Island, and the auhor kept referring to it as “The Long Island Sound” which I took to be regional. We called it “The Sound” or “Long Island Sound” (no “the”). Funny. Maybe only the really rich folks us the “The”!


  7. Fingers crossed Paul!!! I hope this is something that works out. As soon as you said “drive” I thought….. that’s a trucker for you! 🙂 This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to read your tales from traveling.

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  8. I love Vancouver! It’s one of my favorite cities, and reminds me of San Francisco. I’m so jealous—living in Seattle, we were able to go to Vancouver often. Bard on the Beach for Summer Shakespeare, Granville Island Public Market, riding bicycles in Stanley Park… the list goes on and on. You are going to have so much fun. I really hope all works out for you with the trip and the move. Laissez les bons temps rouler! You’ve earned it my friend.

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  9. Good Morning Paul-I can so relate to your feelings of living at or near the Ocean. I and my family have the Atlantic Ocean as our back yard! I am 35 minutes South of where I was raised. I could never live anywhere else and find myself constantly aware just how very lucky I am. I’ll take a cuppa black this am…I am delighted for you with the news of especially moving near to your Mother!!! Although, it’ll be a long drive you will make the best of it across our US! Yes, keep us posted on this-wonderful exciting news…The Gatorette.

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    • Thanks so much for dropping by Gatorette. Yeah, I miss the ocean – I’ll be so glad to get back to it. Hopefully the move happens -I’ll keep you posted.

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  10. Mark – thanks for letting our friend Paul post. Paul – great news sir. Vancouver is incredible. If I could afford the housing, I would live there in a heartbeat, for me it’s the greatest city we have in Canada, between the mountains, the oceans and the islands. I did some work in Victoria, just the ferry ride from the mainland out there was incredible.

    What, may I ask, would you do after the 6 years are up? As someone who never plans ahead, I’d encourage you to think about that. Once your chum returns from Australia, if you want to stay in Vancouver, you’ll be subject to an insane real estate market. By far the most expensive land in the country.

    As for your road trip, I know you said you’re heading down through the States, which I understand, but I’d assume for the first bit you’re plowing along the 401 corridor to say Niagara Falls or Windsor? Maybe not – I guess you could cross at Ogdensburg right off the bat and be done with it. But if you’re travelling the 401 corridor, I’d be happy to get together around Cambridge on the way through. Let me know!

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    • I’m very grateful and proud to host Paul, Trent. I hope you stop by every Sunday to get your fill of his worldly take. Thanks for your visit.

      And FYI, I’m rooting for Paul to start with a turn south, crossing at Watertown, so we can visit in my Syracuse. 🙂

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    • Hey Trent! Thanks so much for dropping by.. I would love to meet you and I am going to see Mark too. This is a once in a lifetime chance, so even if I have to drive a few extra hours or double back, I’ll get everyone. Send me your contact info to paulccurran@hotmail.com (phone # and whatever) and I’ll make it work . i’ll let you know the date when it is confirmed.

      i’ll deal with the after 6 years when it arrives. the owner may contract to stay in Australia, he may retire there or Lord only knows. I only have myself to worry about Trent – I’l;l find a way. If I had a family like you, I’d think twice but not on my own.

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