The big wind or a bad driver?

Spotted on the stroll from the parking lot to Destiny USA with my dear wife Karen recently was a flattened road sign.

Curious position at Destiny USA.

Curious position at Destiny USA.

My mind started wondering about the Do Not Enter post and how it got this way immediately.

Was it the big wind we’d experienced that sent this message prone?

Do not do this.

Do not do this.

Was it a driver who’d gone awry and knocked it down? Or gone out-of-the-way to topple it on purpose?

Was it a bunch or walkers who decided they wanted to enter the walkway and make a statement to that effect as well?

Who’s going to fix this?

On we went, entering and exiting.

How do you think this sign came down? What’s the last fallen road sign that you’ve spotted, and where was it? Have you ever gone the wrong way on a one-way road because it’s easier, and if so, where and why?

21 thoughts on “The big wind or a bad driver?

  1. I was just on the island of Oahu where the monster storm surge knocked over all kinds of signs! Most of them reading that the surf was deadly.


  2. Ha! I have to confess that I have knocked down signs and worse with the truck over the years – usually for a good reason, sometimes in error. Myself and another driver had a delivery in a residential area one hot summer day. The owner had assured us there was room to get the trailers down the roads. This was technically correct but only technically. In reality with low trees, parked cars, playing children, etc – it wasn’t safe. We had no way to know that until we were part way in and then there was no way back out, so we continued. I started around a corner and a small child darted out on my left, so I cut hard to the right. This had the effect of bringing my trailer wheels up over the curb on the inside of the turn. I knew that but had paid attention that there were no obstacles there as I approached the corner. The driver behind me spoke on the CB and said he figured I knew what I had done. I asked what. He replied that I had run over the stop sign when I had dodged the child. Oops!

    I have run over bigger things including a phone pole(that story had complications – the road had been widened and they had left the old phone poles literally in the middle of the street. I had slept there because I had a delivery in a meat packer right there the next morning. I know how stupid I am without my morning coffee, so in the morning I got out and walked around the truck before backing in. I noticed the poles and then got in the truck and backed into one. They were very old and rotting and although I just bumped it as I was going slow , it broke right in two. The dock guys were watching and once I got backed in made an effort to let me know that I hit the pole – which of course I knew as soon as I tapped it. I called the power company to report it and they laughed. The supervisor said that they were supposed to have removed the poles by now but had not gotten around to it. he said he would send a crew to splice a piece onto the pole to hold it temporarily until they actually pulled them from the roadway. I offered to pay and he said that wasn’t necessary as it was their fault the poles were still there.)


    • Accidents happen, Paul, as you so properly explain. I’m glad you got the stop sign and spared the child! Ha, indeed! And it sounds as if you did the phone company a favor by getting a jump on old-pole removal. 🙂

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    • And, special good news, everybody. If you like Paul’s storytelling-touch here, get ready to smile every Sunday morning.

      Yes, indeed. Paul Curran’s weekly Cuppa guest post is moving to my place, starting this week.

      Welcome, my dear Canadian friend. Long may you run.


      • Thank you so very much for your hospitality Mark. It is an honor to be posting weekly on your site. Thank You. I am looking forward to seeing all your readers again – they are a smart and lively crew. 🙂


  3. I don’t think it was a driver, because they didn’t hit the fence. It’s all too tidily done. I think it was aliens, they were doing target practice. As far as me going the wrong way, I have done that but more out of stupidity and not paying attention than out of convenience.


  4. Seems an unlikely place for a driver, but you never can tell. :/
    I vote for wind. We’ve been having some serious wind lately, and the branches in my yard illustrate that quite well!


  5. The wind has done so much damage here in PA. of late. Trees are falling like matchsticks, and have me looking upwards, probably more than I should. Signs down ?… more like vandalism to me, Mark. ☺


  6. Three. One was still standing, albeit at about a 35% angle, so we remarked that someone had a bad night with their car. The other two were flat like yours. I’m sure it was the winds. They have been fierce.

    Looking at yours I’m thinking that would be some kind of skill to get that sign down and not hit the fence.

    Wrong way on a one-way? Never.


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