I’ll crow about the big rooster

One pretty bird on the box.

One pretty bird on the box.

Every once in a while, now that I’ve settled into the role of a red wine drinker, I decide to check out a new bottle.

Before the holidays, I walked into the store and went for something different from the 19 Crimes red blend that’s been satisfying my once-a-week-or-less routine since summer.

A bottle on the Merlot rack caught my eye.

Big bottle lasts two sessions.

Big bottle lasts two sessions.

Yes, it was the colorful bird.

Without research, I brought home a bottle of Rex-Goliath. It came in a big size, 1.5 liters.

We liked its fruity taste, my dear wife Karen and I.

So this last trip to my favorite Syracuse wine palace, I brought home the box. Buying in bulk there cuts 20 percent from the price per bottle. This brought it to about 8 bucks per instead of 10. Six bottles per box. Each of these mammoth bottles will last my dear wife and I two drinking bouts, what with my new wine bottle stoppers keeping the remains nice and fresh. That means this box of pretty, tasty Rex-Goliath will last us … a good while.

Unless we get really thirsty.

What are your criteria for buying wine? What have you been drinking lately? What’s your favorite bird?

28 thoughts on “I’ll crow about the big rooster

  1. Welcome to the world of red wine. I especially love Merlot. Unfortunately, any kind of wine no longer loves me back so the past couple of years I’ve had to cut down to a glass once in a while. Because of the sulfites I have to look for wine that is at least 3 or 4 years old. And I have found, the cheaper the better! So your price range would suit me just fine. Expensive wine (anything above $8 or $9) has a terrible affect on me that cheap wine doesn’t! Cheers!


  2. Don’t knock buying by the label; I’ve tasted some yummy wines that way. And if you don’t like to drink them, you can always cook with them. I love the rooster. I discovered it at a wine tasting fundraiser for the Herkimer County Historical Society with wine provided by Ilion Wine and Spirits. For a minute I thought you had found it in a box and I was jealous. Box o’ wine is one of my favorite ways to get it, because it stays fresher longer and is the environmentally sound choice (according to the Franzia packaging, perhaps I’m too credulous). I didn’t know you loved 19 Crimes. It is one of my favorites! I’ve brought it to the cast parties of plays I’ve been in which involve murder (two so far). I brought a bottle of Menage a Trois to the play about marital infidelity. What a long comment! Sorry to take up your space, but you had to get me started about wine.


  3. Honestly, I just try all the things. I’ll buy what people recommend and I’ll buy what’s on sale or what has a pretty picture — that rooster would draw me in as well. Most are winners, some see more of the kitchen drain than my mouth, but I keep trying ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Where is that wine made? Just curious – my daughter has turned me into a bit of a wine snob, and I’ve found that I really prefer New York wines to California wines. Especially NY wines that are from our local Niagara Wine Trail. I can hardly wait to introduce you and Karen to some of them for my birthday. Are you ready to start making plans?

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