Will you see your shadow over at the Blog of Funny Names?

How many of you have gained all of your knowledge about the big holiday Hoo-ha today from the movie?

You know, Groundhog Day, the Lay’s Potato Chip of a flick starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell from 1993 that you couldn’t help but watch over and over again?

From funnynamesblog.com

From funnynamesblog.com

Of course sometimes Hollywood (loosely) bases its best work on fact, and the late, great Harold Ramis was no different …

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18 thoughts on “Will you see your shadow over at the Blog of Funny Names?

  1. Movies don’t get better than this one. When visiting Pennsylvania some years ago I was excited to visit the town where the movie was filmed, only to discover it was actually filmed in a substitute town.I should have known better…

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