Majestic moon shot

Straight from a work shift at the store, I drove to Destiny USA to catch a late afternoon movie for this week’s review. Dirty Grandpa. DeNiro and Efron. Catch my views here Monday morning. After that solo viewing, I pulled into the driveway of the Little Bitty in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood tired but ready for dinner with my dear wife Karen.

From the end of my driveway.

From the end of my driveway.

Before I raced into the house to greet Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, though, a glance backward over the other side of the street caused me to stop and open my iPad Air for the camera mode.

A big moon had risen at 6:20 p.m. Maybe it is full, maybe it is not.

I firmly believe I am getting better at these shots, though. Putting the street lamp close to the moon helps the clarity of the lunar orb, in my opinion.

In any case, I was glad our Syracuse sky was clear for me to see the moon at all.

How’s the weather in your part of our world today? Were you able to see the moon last night? Do you find yourself drawn to the view of the moon in many phases?

31 thoughts on “Majestic moon shot

  1. The moon is in the wrong place for me to see it bro Mark, but I saw the sun today. I get the afternoon sun in my windows, and winter sun is vicious as far as beaming right in your eyes on eye level in late afternoon I know there’s an explanation for that because I remember reading it. Just don’t remember what it said. From my patio window I could see the sun down the south end of the main artery street in this area, so I had that in my eyes most of the afternoon. Didn’t mind at all cause it sure beats the alternative — rain or snow. Most of the time if I see the moon it is early morning rather than early evening.


  2. I must say, I was out so much yesterday morning, I didn’t go out at night. I saw no moon. Gorgeous shot!
    It’s cold and snowy. I have no idea what the data is, but I’d guess it’s in the 20’s.


  3. glad you were able to capture the beauty of this, i’ve never been able to quite capture it in pictures. weather is in the 30s, with just a bit of snow on the ground here. we are lucky to both have dodged the storm this time around. i heard that the full moon may cause more problems in new jersey along the shoreline as it will cause high tide to rise up even higher and possibly cause flooding problems.


  4. The weather is surprisingly bright here, although cold. I’m still dancing with those frost monkeys!

    There’s something relaxing about moon-gazing. I get a bit suspicious of full moons though 😜


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