Moon over Chadwick’s and the Little Bitty

Perfect time to go home.

Perfect time to go home.

With my dear wife Karen home from this year’s editiion of the Girls Getaway, a trip from the Little Bitty to to Chadwick’s on James Street was in order this beautiful Friday evening.

And after her couple bottles of Labatt’s Blue Light beers and my glasses of house Cabernet Savaugnons were savored and our plate of mozzarella sticks and medium chicken wings were eaten and congratulations were given to friend and bartender Beth for her good news and conversation was traded …

My wonderful wife told me to look up before we got into her Mazda SUV.

Outside Karen's car in the parking lot.

Outside Karen’s car in the parking lot.

The moon sightings from behind the bar building and next to the car in the parking lot were wonderful, indeed.

Good Neightbor Tim's view.

Good Neightbor Tim’s view.

And those several blocks later, once she’d pulled into our driveway, the view of the moon looking back over our drivewa and Good Neighbor Tims flagpole wa inspiring as well.

Have a great weekend, wherever your sun and moon may rise.

Where is the moon standing over you tonight? Where did you last enjoy bar food for dinner? Do you enjoy your chicken wings mild, medium or hot?>

42 thoughts on “Moon over Chadwick’s and the Little Bitty

  1. The moon last night hung beautifully over the ball park where we were watching a football game. And Friday’s night’s visit to a German beir haus was the last ‘bar’ food I had and it was PHENOMENAL! πŸ™‚


  2. Pretty! I dunno where the moon was last night. Spent much of the evening outdoors, but went in before dark. It’s dark here around 9:30. I was asleep soon after that!
    Last bar food I ate was last Saturday — mmm, edamame and cheese curds πŸ™‚ I’m not big on wings, but medium will do.


  3. Mark … Good moon photos. I’m still working on trying to perfect mine. As to where it will be this weekend, well I hope it’s still up there and Hurricane Erika just blows Florida a gentle kiss as she heads out to someplace where she’ll do no more damage.

    Love your bar food dinner. Sounds like you and Karen had a great time. πŸ˜‰


  4. Glad your beautiful wife is home and you enjoyed a night out with her! πŸ™‚
    The moon IS amazing tonight! I just got in…and I stood for awhile in the driveway staring up at it! In just a bit I’m gonna’ take my pooch for a walk so I can stare at the moon some more!
    I like my wings medium or honey BBQ-d! Bar food is delicious and fun fun FUN! πŸ™‚
    BTW: the full moon is NOT affecting me in any way. Nope.
    Howl…howl…er…howl…uh…HOW is your Saturday going so far?! And why is there hair growing on my hands?!
    HUGS, Carolyn πŸ˜›


    • Glad you and your dog and a howling good walk last night, Carolyn!

      My Saturday morning has been fine so far. I sat on the back porch steps and watched Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle eat a bunch of long grass along the porch border. Poor thing must have an upset stomach, I thought. Then she proved me right. Yup. Smart dog knew what she was doing, regaining the spring in her step immediately. All this while MDW Karen sleeps still, making up for her wonderful Girls Getaway trip.

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  5. Very nice moon shots Mark. I’m pleased for you that Karen is back and all is well. I used to eat pub food quite a bit back in my working days. I don’t mind wings, it’s just that I find them rather skimpy on the meat. I used to order a club sandwich or Reuben with curly fries. (Yum!) When I did eat wings (say sharing with other), I used to prefer Honey Garlic or mild.


    • Honey Garlic is a tasty version, Paul. Yes, wings make you work for the meat. I prefer the stems vs. the flappers. Karen prefers the flappers. Perfect. We share one order of 10 wings. When I first moved to Syracuse, I called the stems “Little Legs.” I didn’t know Official Wing Lingo.

      Paul Guest Blog Alert: His Sunday Cuppa column will appear right here because our friend and his regular host, Willowdot31, is taking a break at her place.


  6. We’ve been under a smoky haze due to fires in BC and Washington Mark, so our moon has been pink and orange, as has the sun. This evening the sun was finally burning through the haze – yippee!


  7. Felicia and I went to see “Rick and the Flash” after sharing dinner at 1808 Restaurant. We liked the movie very much snd could have watched more about the rest of what goes on, after the wedding.
    We walked home and went over to Ohio Wesleyan campus to see the new labyrinth in the arbor. We looked at the Full Sturgeon Moon which I had to tell her each moon has at least one name, the clarity of the moon was amazing, Mark.
    I like mild hot wings, as well as Jack Daniels BBQ and Teriyaki sauce. I have tried the parmesan flavor bread bites to eat with wings snd they are delicious. I order carrots and celery sticks with blue cheese dressing. Now, I am hungry. Have a great weekend, Mark. πŸ™‚


    • Karen and I loved Ricki and the Flash, Robin. I agree. What went on after the wedding? Sequel?
      Thanks for sharing with us the name of this moon. You always have info right with you. ❀
      Do you like mild wings or hot wings? You say both! I like to dip both celery and carrots in blue cheese sauce, indeed. πŸ™‚ I never had the bread bites, though they sound great.


  8. Lets see, I am glad Karen is back. I hope she had a most excellent vacation. The moon is not quite all the way up over the trees, but last night it as so brilliantly bright, my backyard looked one of those black and white movies, shot at night, you know the B sci-fi or creepy movies they used to show on WGN. The trees were casting shadows in the moonlight.
    Chicken wings – I like them mild, bone-in, with no breading. Can’t stand breading on chicken wings. I do like bar food. Last time I had bar food was in Carmel. I hope you have a nice weekend!!!!


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