Catching the corner

So you want to know how high the flatbed carts are in the retail store where I’m working as a cashier?

Yeah, it hurt.

Yeah, it hurt.


My shin, anyway.

I’m not always the most nimble working my way from the register to the carted merchandise that must be scanned with the portable shooter.


Yes, I felt it right away. Before I saw it, obviously.

No problem.

My nickname has never been and will never be Grace.

Are you accident prone? What parts are you most likely to nick or bruise? What’s your worst how’d-I-do-that story?

50 thoughts on “Catching the corner

  1. Ouch, I can feel the pain you are describing. I tend to break a toe at least twice a year. The pain is excruciating so I always know the toe is broken. And I bruise like there is no tomorrow! Be careful out there!


  2. That does look painful.

    I, too, have episodes of unintended contact with the inanimate. I usually lose. My broom got me in the nose the other day falling out of the broom closet. It is now clamped to the wall to prevent further attacks. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. ow! that looks so painful – sorry and i can identify, i’m very accident prone, too. remember the time i blogged about singing and dancing in my house and i broke my little toe when kicking the door by accident? )


  4. Certain people with certain health conditions are not supposed to be making their legs bleed, Mark. That does look painful. I am not Grace either; I constantly catch table corners. Not good spatial abilities. When I was pregnant, I was either going to name my girl Grace or my son Charles. He came out a boy and has been bumping into things and filling up photo albums with pictures of an ever-bruised forehead, shins, and arms. So I guess God knew what He was doing to not have him be born Grace. BTW, my husband started working at Lowe’s, and they catch their heels on the flatbed carts, puling them from behind. Who knew all the retail dangers? All I ever hear about is how the same music makes my friends crazy.


    • Yes, I know about those conditions and cuts, Kerbey. Thanks for your concern. Congratulations to your husband, who has the same work dangers as I do, if you get my drift. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, the music does go round and round. Finally, your son is a Prince of bums and bruises, that Charles. I so can see it.

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  5. Ouch! I worked as a retail merchandiser at a Costco and was constantly getting ‘not so little’ injuries like that one. I’m not particularly clumsy but something about working in a retail store and having to lug things around.


  6. Workmen’s Comp, Mark. Are you SURE you were still able to walk after and that there are no permanent injuries? Personally, I think you should have fallen on the floor, grabbed your leg and started screaming “I can’t get up! It huuuuuurts! Owwwwww!” (I tried that once for a paper cut – didn’t go over too well.)


  7. Yikes, Mark! I bet that hurt. For some reason I often ram my shoulder or elbow or hand into the door jam as I walk through the door out of my bedroom first thing in the morning. It’s like I don’t have any sense of space… โค
    Diana xo


  8. Ouch, Mark. These carts do this to me most of the time. Luckily, my husband usually does the shopping – therefore my ‘minor’ cart accidents are limited to 10-15 times a year. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  9. I somehow do that to myself regularly, carts or no carts. I think it is because I have too much stuff in my house or maybe its too many sharp corners. Love those shoes by the way! And that snowy banner.


    • I can ding myself just about anywhere, any time Beth. And thanks for the kind words on my Merrell shoes. They have become go-to for the job. Very sturdy and comfortable. And the new banner is seasonably appropriate, I believe, my former Central New Yorker friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


  10. Yikes, that looks painful. I tend to bruise my arms or thighs going around corners. I’ve always done that, since I was a kid, walking too close to the edge so I catch the corner of tables. Once when I worked at Six Flags I pulled a huge gate behind me and the bottom edge made full contact with my Achilles heel. I felt that one for a while.


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