Salad or something bigger?

The Pie Guys for a quick dinner sounded good to my dear wife Karen and I as my Thursday Night Bowling League picked up again after our two-week break for the holidays.

They call this small. Ha!

They call this small. Ha!

Karen, wise woman that she is, ordered the small antipasto, with Italian dressing. We know from experience that these folks make a mean salad, packed large with ham, salami and provolone cheese on top of the lettuce, peppers, carrots and tomatoes. Karen wished that she’d told them to hold the onions. Dagnabbit. Soon her white tray became two piles. Eat. Discard.

While eating, my teammates Randy and Steve both came by to order their pre-bowling dinners, too.

When we got inside the lanes I had to pull out my iPhone 6 to catch their antipasto salads.

Hover over either gallery photo for a description. Click on either for an enlarged slide show.

Me? As much as I adore their salads, I wanted something a bit more solid to fuel me for my bowling this week, after our 2-5 start to the second half of the season and my bad pre-Christmas three-game set.

I only ate half.

I only ate half.

I went with the sausage Stromboli the size of my head.

Half of it Karen packed away in her car to take home after she left following game one.

Tasty lunch reheated, you know?

The melted-mozzarella-cheese-and-crust dipped in sauce worked.

I rolled 200-212-130, and our squad won the first two games and total pins to even our second-half record at 7-7.

That last game, I suffered six splits, converting just two babies. That will show me to get my hopes up for a 600 after two very good games. Tiny told me it was obvious I was tired, with less oomph and rotation on my ball. I knew it. Also, the lack of speed allowed it cross directly into the head pin, and I couldn’t seem to correct it.

But my average will be 164 when we report this week, I’m sure, still a pin higher than last season’s finish.

Onions or no onions on your salad? Sausage, pepperoni or plain cheese Stromboli? Pizza or wings before bowling instead, and if so, what sauce and toppings?

46 thoughts on “Salad or something bigger?

  1. I’m not hungry at all, and it all sounds good. We just chopped up raw onion for our chili, so we’re good with onions. Sorry you were missing your Oomph. I hope you found it!


    • It’s back in the closet somewhere, Kerbey, with the rest of my stuff from 20 years ago? Ha.

      I like onions in chili just fine. Just raw on salads or burgers. Too much taste for me, I guess. Cooked on burgers, though, I like ’em.

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  2. i am starving right now, so yes to everything on the stromboli, yes to both pizza and wings, and no onions on anything. pizza – mushroom and sausage, extra cheese, please ) wings – very hot with blue cheese –


  3. I haven’t ever bowled, so there’s no pre-bowling food tradition for me, but I’d join some of the other commenters putting pepperoni on my stromboli and I don’t much care for onion on salad though I cook with it and eat it on other things… I have no idea what the bowling score means, but I’m gonna say you’re doing great!


  4. Oh my word, their salads are HUGE! Those would have too much meat for me, and I’ll take all the onions πŸ™‚
    Actually, I’d go for the stromboli the size of your head — CARBS! — I’d order sausage for the flavor and then pick out half of it, lol!


  5. OMP – that looks amazing my friend. No onions on my salad – I burp them. And no pork products for obvious reasons – snorts – but I love a cheese pizza! Oinks out. XOXO – Bacon


  6. No onions… even though I like onions. As for the stromboli… I would love just a little please.
    You started bowling back up and I am headed to Zumba after a two week hiatus! Happy New Year!


  7. Well, dagdabbit <~ love this expression, that's a large salad! Geez! That would feed me for a week… And my children! Hehe.

    Oh, and pizza always wins (before a pre-bowl) no onions but lots of balsamic vinegar dressing – so much it becomes unhealthy! 😜


    • Yes, dripping in dressing is my preference, too, so my dear wife Karen has taken over the pouring in my house to keep my healthier, Amanda. And the whole portion control of the salad-making, for that matter. πŸ™‚


  8. No onions. They give me heartburn and reduce the taste and flavors of all the other ingredients of the salad or anything else including meatloaf and the like. Go with a hint of garlic instead of onions anytime.


  9. Yum…If there will be beer…the Stromboli works better than the salad. But that is quite an amazing salad right there. ☺ Onions and tomatoes…always make my salad better.

    Note to self: Eat breakfast before getting lost in the WP Reader.


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