A low noon January sun casts a gray tone in Syracuse

A noontime errand to the main drag of James Street in my Syracuse city neighborhood of James Street coaxed me to pull the iPhone 6 from my pocket.

The low-riding almost-mid-January sun mixed with herringbone clouds carried an almost monochromatic tone to the day.

A mere hint of red.

A mere hint of daily color.

A traffic light allowed a small signal of red as a reminder that some things besides the tires on my Chevy are all-season.

Above and behind.

Above and behind.

Speaking of my vehicle, that’s the rear window of said sky blue Cruze providing an excellent reflection of the sun’s running mates.

The Palace.

The Palace.

The Palace Theatre was not ablaze at this time of day, its tan brick exterior blending into the sameness of its surroundings.

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Errand and couple-block drive back to the Little Bitty completed, the phone had to come out one last time.

Rising above my block in Eastwood.

Rising above my block in Eastwood.

That view up the hill toward the sun was too good to pass up.

Has anything in particular in your part of our world lately caused you to notice the noontime sun, and if so, please explain. What are the surrounding blocks to your home like? Which is your favorite photo, and why?

48 thoughts on “A low noon January sun casts a gray tone in Syracuse

  1. These are wonderful shots, Mark! Great eye!! Gotta love the cotton ball clouds ❀ When it's warm out, and I am laying out getting a little sun, I often take videos of the clouds moving when they look cool! Last winter when I was driving over a bridge, the sky was a flawless blue without a cloud in the sky – I snapped that, too, through my open sun roof. It was just a perfect square of the prettiest blue πŸ™‚


    • I like the idea of a home video shoot of the clouds rolling past, Sadie! Nice touch there. And a perfect blue winter sky through a sunroof is a thrilling thought, too. I’d love to see that pretty square on your blog. Did I miss it? πŸ˜‰


    • Thanks, SD. I don’t want any apocalyptic moments any time soon, though, knock on wood.

      The weatherman right now is calling for one- to three-feet on snow a mere dozen or so miles north of us. That’s the lake effect band! I hope it doesn’t drift south to the Little Bitty in Syracuse, or the store a bit further closer to the band, where today’s shift runs from 2 to 9:30 p.m.

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      • Yes, snow is very pretty, unless you have somewhere to be. Then it become a total nightmare. Hopefully, you will only get a dusting, so everything is sparkling white, but not treacherous!


  2. Really gorgeous captures! I love the second photo πŸ™‚ but they’re all good.
    I live in a weird lil section where neighborhood meets business meets interstate meets more residential. It’s a quiet lot in a busy place, which pleases me πŸ™‚


  3. I love the grey winter sky. I drove some back roads yesterday, up and down hills with views of farmland, trees and mountains. Everything was brown and white except for the grey skies, a couple of grey stone farmhouses, and one red barn. I did not have a camera or, truth be known, any inclination to stop. I eventually forced myself to turn around and head back to my destination (I had taken a wrong turn; silly me, but I enjoyed the detour).


  4. Amazing sky, Mark. I love the clouds. I think I like the last shot the best, but they’re all great! I like the road down the middle of the street with the sun right overhead.


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