A snowy start to the new year

We’ve had it so easy so far weather-wise in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

So I dare not complain about the snow falling the first morning of 2016.

In fact, with less than a quarter-foot having graced the grounds of the Little Bitty so far when normally some 30 inches have accumulated in Syracuse by this time of the year, we’ve gotten off practically unblemished.

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I wandered to take the Jan. 1 photographs with my iPad Air while my dear wife Karen watched the Rose Parade on the wide screen. We both enjoyed the no-commercial coverage on HGTV, by the way, hosted by Nancy O’Dell, the ever-present Property Brothers twins, Drew and Jonathan Scott. Their banter with route-side reporter Josh Temple was natural and easy.

Syracuse snow statistics (From The Syracuse Post-Standard of Thursday, Dec. 31)

Syracuse snow statistics (From The Syracuse Post-Standard of Thursday, Dec. 31)

What were you doing the morning of Jan. 1? Do you watch the Rose Parade, and if so, on what network and why? How was your weather to start the new year?

59 thoughts on “A snowy start to the new year

  1. I LOVE the Rose Parade so I record the network one and the Hallmark one and then, because HGTV repeats it, I pick up that one later. We generally watch HGTV on the day and then a month or two later one of the others and then the last one another month or two beyond that. We always feel like we don’t get to see enough of some of the floats and different networks seem to pick different things to emphasize and often shoot from different angles, so it’s fun to see all three. Such creativity and beauty. I do fast forward through some of the bands. It’s more marching bands than I feel a need to see all at once πŸ™‚
    That looks like just the right amount of snow. And then, after that much, I personally feel I’ve had enough. I loved living in California, having Christmas here with, usually a little snow (none this year) and then heading back to no snow… I don’t envy you the many feet still to come…


    • You have a great Rose Parade angle yourself, Leigh. Wow. Studied for long-lasting satisfaction, my firiend.

      Yes, feet of snow to come, if the patterns are to hold up again this year. Ugh.


  2. I missed the parade, dangit! I made up for it with an abundance of bowl games. The weather was overcast and 40 yesterday. Slightly below average but no snow, so no complaints here. A week ago, we were under a tornado threat. Mother Nature has been a bit contrary.


  3. The little bit of snow we got turned to ice. It’s been in the teens and twenties here for a few days. Jan 1 was quiet, as they slept in until 10:30 and 11 and I was up at 6ish. I saw the sun come up and wrote some poetry, read a book and watched I love Lucy. Very quiet here after my daughter and her husband went home.

    I love that picture with the snow on the window.


  4. That snow! WOW. It always seems to find you. All we’ve had is rain, rain and more rain. *Long sigh* Not in the least bit Christmassy.

    I hope you enjoyed the festive season and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Oh, and I’m back… πŸ™‚ (It’s been awhile)


  5. So pretty,Mark. That is a manageable amount, and I hope you get no more. We are very wet in Ireland, floods that you just wouldn’t believe. Its quite a disaster. I spent new years day tramping up a mountain in wild wind and rain. .. it was quite exhilarating! Then came back and cooked a huge dinner!


  6. It’s a family tradition to watch a movie on NYD. This year it was the Star Wars movie which everyone in the family already saw except for me. Star Wars isn’t exactly my thing but I enjoyed it well enough.


  7. I haven’t watched the Rose Parade in years. But when I think of it, I think of a story I once heard about it.

    I was attending a mystery writers’ dinner (in Toronto, I think), and at my table was Kelly Lange, a longtime NBC-TV host who had just published a mystery.

    She told of the time she hosted the parade — live, of course — with Michael Landon. As the broadcast progressed, the crew received word of a bomb threat. The hosts were aware of it but never mentioned it, and it turned out to be a hoax, or at least an incorrect report. Ms. Lange said she and Landon had an interesting time trying to keep things nice and light on the air while the report was checked out….

    As for the snow, just got back a little while ago from Shop City — I walked from there to my home near Henninger. (Thanks again, Centro, for canceling Saturday service near my home.) I don’t mind snow so much as black ice. Last year, on the way to work, I got off the bus at North Geddes Street with the temperature at 31 and literally could not move anywhere without substantial risk of falling until the sun came west and softened things.


    • That sounds very interesting and entertaining, Mark, the mystery writers dinner that included a talkative Kelly Lange. That is a duty, on-air festive banter while knowing there’s a threat of a bomb going off. Yikes.

      Black ice on our Syracuse roadways and walkways is totally dangerous for traveling, you are so right, my good friend. I think walking is taking your health in peril more so than driving at times. Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon in 2016.


  8. No snow on January 1. This morning at 7 am, the ground was frozen with just some frost. But then I slept in (so exhausted from working and holiday activities!) When I looked at again at 11 there was maybe an inch or so of snow. Areas south of the city have a foot or more. I’d be happy to go all the way to June without any snow.


  9. Miss having snow in the UK – much prefer snow at this time of the year than the rain and floods we have been having but we are more likely to get snow at Easter than at Christmas. What did I do on New Years Day? Slept, read some, walked the dogs and visited some friends in the evening.


  10. That snow sure is pretty. The clouds are building again, my rain headache is quite intense, I suspect a big storm is on it’s way to us in the next day or two. It has been downright frigid here for about the last week, in the 30s at night and low 50s during the day. BRRRRR!
    What did I do on New Years Day? Umm – think I was doing what I am doing right now, thinking I should give the puppies their breakfast and delaying it so I could make a comment on one more post. Stuff like that. Enjoy your snow!!!!!!!


  11. Jan 1 we in Calgary, Alberta were having above freezing temps. I stayed in all day though, writing, puttering around, was not even showered and dressed until just before 2pm! Your neighbourhood is looking so pure and white Mark! ❀
    Diana xo


  12. sorry the white stuff found you. Here we have had rain although compared to the north of England we have been very fortunate. There’s been so much rain that the floods have been awful.


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