Happy 35th anniversary, KP

I’ve written about my friend KP often here.

In tales about our golfing rounds.

In stories about my newspaper past.

When I think about my life now and then, KP plays an important part in it.

Of course my dear wife Karen knows this.

35 years and going strong for my friend KP.

35 years and going strong for my friend KP.

And so when she saw the image above flash on the flat screen at SMG, she snapped it and sent me a text.

Happy 35th anniversary at the workplace, my friend.

I remember your hard-working ways on the city desk when I walked in The Post-Standard door as the new assistant sports editor in August of 1983 and every day thereafter as you were promoted to handle the duties in many roles you deserved.

Here’s to you, good sir. Congratulations, and thank you for your role in thousands of stories so important to the lives of Central New Yorkers.

And I’m glad we quickly became more than ink-stained colleagues.

How long have you known your oldest friend? Do you become friends out of the office with people you meet at work? What’s the longest you’ve spent at any job?

18 thoughts on “Happy 35th anniversary, KP

  1. I met my friend Janine when our college dorm assignments were adjoining rooms. We are still best friends and just (although I’m sure somebody made a big calculation error here) got our 40th reunion invitations.


  2. Mmm – I have a friend I have known since we were 10 years old – in 5th grade we met. We don’t speak much now, she has her life, being a Mom and all the other stuff she does, I have mine. But I have such fond memories of her, and sometimes wonder how we survived our childhood and adolescence because of some of the silly things we got into when we were kids. These days I have lots of acquaintances, but people tend to wear me out, I find I need to recharge, be by myself, it seems most of my social energy (humor, conversational skills, empathy) is drained at work. Sometimes I sits and thinks, sometimes I just sits (one of my Dad’s sayings).


      • she is one year older and was friends with both my sister pam, who passed away, and i. she moved to california after college, and we’ve always kept in touch. i flew out there once to take care of her children while she and her husband went on a much-needed anniversary trip. we had a chance to catch up and visit for a few days after. we now keep in touch online and on Facebook and we share many memories.


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