If there’s no snow, you might as well eat

A trip this week to work on the next freelance story for Central New York: The Good Life magazine took me some 20 miles southeast of Syracuse to Toggenburg, a ski complex n Fabius, N.Y.

Welcome to the Mountain.

Welcome to the Mountain.

My piece for the March/April edition will not be about skiing.

Nevertheless, it was impossible not to notice that right now in mid-December, these slopes are quite naked.

Waiting for Mother Nature.

Waiting for Mother Nature.

No snow on the mountain. No skiers on the several hills, expert to beginners.

I grabbed my iPhone 6 and walked around the property, outside and in.

Eat, drink and by ready for when it does get white out there.

Eat, drink and by ready for when it does get white out there.

You see, the place already has been open for two weeks, I’ve been informed. The Foggy Goggle restaurant and pub is welcoming guests Thursday through Saturday. Food and drink are available for purchase. The camaraderie is free. I’ve been. It’s a cool place. No pun intended.

Hoping for some action.

Hoping for some action.

And, having lived here in Central New York since 1983, I’m fairly certain that soon enough, a line will form at the lift ticket window above. Temperatures will fall. Snow will follow.

Do you ski or snow board or tube ride? Which of the three do you or would you prefer and why? What would you like to drink and eat in a ski lodge restaurant/pub, and why?


45 thoughts on “If there’s no snow, you might as well eat

  1. One of my favorite places to go was Park City, Utah (famous for Sundance Festival) in the off season. It has a great view, and much less crowded in the Spring/Summer. The ski lift/cable cars operate all year for tourists. When I learned to ski, I went to the places out of the way that locals used. Much less flash than the tourist slopes.
    p.s. The snow may be arriving soon, Mark. The place looks “cool” anyway. ☺


  2. soon enough it will be covered in white, no doubt. it still looks like a cool place and i’m sure it will fill once it really begins to act like winter. i’ve snow skied a bit on trails and pretty badly, but i enjoyed it. love the warm up of a lodge )


  3. I tried to learn to ski when I lived in Colorado. It did not go well. I stopped after I almost gave myself an inadvertent episiotomy wrapping around a tree that appeared from nowhere. Decided I have a hard enough time just navigating flat, non-slippery ground.
    Hope you guys get snow soon. We have had loads of rain here today. I think we can blame the lack of snow in your area on the mighty El Nino.


  4. I like my ski slopes just the way these look bro Mark. I do well to walk with shoes on, no way I’ll try it on sticks. I did lots of sledding when too young to know better, usually on my Grandmother’s bread pan that she would loan the younger kids to use on her hillside slope. That was fun, but any kind of slipping now ends with a concussion. Less fun there. As for the food and drink? Exactly what I’m about to have now — Focaccia bread fresh from the oven, and hot cocoa. Or, since it is now officially Christmas morning — Eggnog with added nog. That is only for Christmas, and in case of snakebite. Surprising how many snakes there are in the walls of this building.
    Merry Christmas my friend, to you and your beautiful family.


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