Jason Bean goes deep, Eddie Z digs it stripped down

CD Cover

CD Cover

Jason Bean, Mudfish Records
Black Then Blue Then Gray

Syracuse singer-songwriter Jason Bean thought he’d had emptied that musical well after he’d written, recorded and released his fourth album, Twenty Seven, in 2012.

“My songwriting had become so personal, and in some cases, personal, that I walked away,” Bean says.

A people person, he got involved in local theater. But his music friends, including frequent collaborator, Syracuse scene veteran Doug Moncrief, told him the itch would return.

First Bean gauged the interest of those who followed his music with his first crowd-funding campaign. The support overwhelmed him, and he was able to put out a beautiful package, complete with a bonus songwriters writing sessions evolutions disc, too, with extra songs.

Consider that itch well scratched with just-out album No. 5, Black Then Blue Then Gray.

Bean goes deep with the dozen new songs, personal again about love and life and his defining shades.

All We Have puts his heart on the line from the start, and Slow Down demonstrates how much he appreciates what’s behind and what’s ahead, regrets and all.

This is a poetic man.

You’re my night air. You’re my full moon. You outshine every star that’s shining over you,” Bean sings in Safe, and with the sweet layer of guitars and percussion, you think how secure his woman must feel.

It’s a comfortable concept indeed, a soothing blanket of sound right to the epic closer Real, with some chiming guitars and harmonies and a cool chorus of Na-na-na’s..

What a welcome return.

Here’s the link to Jason Bean’s SoundCloud page.

Jason Bean performs at 8 p.m. Saturday at Basta’s Restaurant, 7 Syracuse St., Baldwinsville, N.Y. He’ll be joined by his brother Christopher and Doug Moncrief.

CD Cover

CD Cover

Eddie Z
Song Miner

Eddie Zacholl is a musical man about town in Central New York, performing with the groove rock jams of The Z-Bones and the string Americana of The Easy Ramblers.

Not everything that comes into his fertile mind, though, fits into those spacious formats, Eddie Z says.

“So I decided to get some use out of my home studio and create a stripped-down folky project called Song Miner, The idea was to capture an organic version of the song sketches early in the writing process and let the listener fill in the blanks, much like the folk singer-songwriters did in the early ’60s. This turned out to be an enjoyable experience …”

For the listener, indeed.

Eddie Z’s 11 original songs are a blast.

He starts with Straight Shooter,, with Grandpa BS’ing to guitar and fiddle and winds his way to San Francisco, a sprawling tale with harmonica that hits the mountains and bluegrass and High Lonesome and a misty morning on its way to a nice surprise ending, to Walking Through a Dream,, a sweet closer and wonders about time and life.

There’s no going back and no seeing what’s ahead.

Eddie Z is comfortable in the moment, playing his guitar, producing, accepting congas help from Tom Finn and fiddle and vocals support from Brendan Gosson and one writing split, on the cool Waters Run Deep with friend and band mate Scott Ebner.

Great mining here.

Here’s the link to The Z-Bones’ Reverb Nation page.

Eddie Z performs as part of part of the Acoustic Guitar Project at 8 p.m. today at Jazz Central, 441 E. Washington St. Syracuse, N.Y., with Kim Monroe and Chris Eves, Joe Driscoll and Donna Dennihy. Tickets are $12.

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  1. I’m enjoying this music this morning, thank you! I’ve never heard Jason Bean before. I tagged him on Sound Cloud to come back to listen to more later.


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