Mister Met, lost and found

Back home.

Back home.

I noticed it with a feeling.

Mister Met was calling me from afar, the little guy from the front of my blue baseball cap, the one my dear wife Karen bought for me on our trip this season to watch our favorite team play at Citi Field.

And sure enough, my latest favorite hat was not sitting upon my dresser with the rest I keep at the ready for easy wearing.

I looked in my car. It was not in the front seat. It was not kicking around in the back seat, amid some winter gear I’ve stowed away in preparation.

I told Karen Mister Met’s message, and she suggested a look-see in her car and my trunk. Nope, for the Mazda and the Cruze.

So I thought about it. I wore it the day we ate breakfast at Good Golly’s. After that, we went food shopping, and then I went to see a movie for my weekly review. I take my hat off in a restaurant and a theater. I leave my hat on in a supermarket.

Karen called Good Golly when she had a spare moment. They did not have Mister Met, she texted me, which I saw during a break at my new job. Dagnabbit!

When I got off work, I called Regal Cinemas at Shoppingtown Mall, in DeWitt, a suburb abutting Syracuse. The nice woman put me on hold and went to search their lost-and-found box.

Yes, they had my Mister Met.

We are reunited.

Thank you, Shoppingtown workers, for setting up a Lost and Found that works. Thank you, honest worker or patron who collected my Mister Met and turned him in instead of adopting him as your own.

The World Series season fortune continues.

Let’s Go Mets.

Have you lost something and then found it, and if so, how did the story go? Have you lost something and not found it, and if so, how did that story go? Have you found something and turned it in, and if so, how did that turn out?

22 thoughts on “Mister Met, lost and found

  1. So cute. Tonight, on A Hallmark Christmas, “A Boy and His Hat, Reunited: My Friend, Mr. Met.”
    You and that hat were clearly fated
    Never to be separated.
    (I miss Marissa’s verse.)

    One might even say that the two of you were well-met.


  2. I lost little diamond earrings at a restaurant in Nova Scotia once. We had been diving and I had taken them out and put them in my purse. I guess they fell out when I went to the bathroom. I searched our room at the B&B, retraced our steps to the dive site, nada. I was heartbroken as they were a gift from my husband. Then on the morning we set to leave we decided to stop in the restaurant just in case. The gal had them in the register. Whew! Boy was I grateful.


  3. It does seem like finding things is usually not the case, once gone. So glad your hat fared better. And now you are like Peaches and Herb. I found a 12 yr old girl’s wallet over summer and returned it to her, after some facebook sleuthing. Feels good to give what’s not your to its rightful owner.


  4. I am thrilled when people do the right thing! 🙂 Someone just told me about someone turning in a $20 to a lost and found and the person who lost it took a chance and contacted them and yes it was found and waiting! 🙂


  5. so lucky! the luck can now continue. i lost my wallet once, years ago, in a vegas dance club. who would have thought that it would be in the manager’s office and returned to me untouched, the next morning? after that, i found 2 different wallets with cash, and was able to reunite them with their owners. karma )


    • I know you would have done the same thing regardless, Beth. But the paying it back, paying it forward concept really, really makes one feel good in life. I’m so glad you got your wallet back unpicked-through in Vegas, my friend. ❤

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