Keeping abreast of this Happy Thanksgiving

Before the big day, stocked in the back porch freezer.

Before the big day, stocked in the back porch freezer.

After careful consideration, we went with the turkey breast instead of the whole bird this year.

It’s going to be outstanding, I’m sure, what with all the other excellent accompaniments planned for our holiday table by my dear wife Karen here in our Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

I’ve seen the chips and dip, and heard about the rye boat and shrimp and cocktail sauce.

The bag of potatoes has been sitting out on the back porch, with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle most interested by wonderfully keeping her nose outside the plastic.

The guests will arrive at 2 p.m. Elisabeth and George Three said yes first. Daryl on Monday night told us that he’d be bringing girlfriend Vicky and her daughter Alexis, whom we’ll all meet for the first time. That makes us very happy.

The breast-only main event will be quicker to cook, and much easier to carve than the full bird when ready. Tradition by darned, we said. We all like the white meat best anyway. Late Monday night, Karen decided to add a small ham, just in case.

Bring on the Macy’s Parade on the flat screen.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it here in the States.

Where are you spending your Thanksgiving? What will be your main meal spread? who will you be sharing the holiday with today?

34 thoughts on “Keeping abreast of this Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I had a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and when it all came together it turned into the full roasted chicken and dressing dinner, with all the sides bro Mark. My door was open to everyone with no place to go, and I don’t even remember now all the people who showed up with the exception of my son, who popped in as a surprise visitor in the middle of the afternoon. After emptying the dishwasher the third time I was ready to just sit back with my feet up and sleep or do something that required no movement, and no use of my brain. Have a great rest of the weekend bro Mark.


  2. No dark meat fans in my immediate family, Mark, so unless there’s extended family, which we’ve done often, I never do the whole bird. The only trick is to avoid the dryness from overcooking. I like those brown-in-bags that collect all the juices for a decent gravy. Hope you had a good one.!! ☺


  3. We stayed home today and the boy one has been in and out before and after work. He’ll stay over and work tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 0430. :O UGH
    We did the whole bird. The Mister likes the dark meat and I like doing the bird and gravy, then not cooking all weekend. We had a HUGE spread, per that last part there.
    A coupla years ago, we had Turkey Day with my in-laws and MIL just did a turkey breast. Initially, I was disappointed, but it was actually quite nice. (Unless you’re The Mister! lol)
    I hope y’all had a great day 😀


  4. Happy Thanksgiving MBM and Crew!

    My daughter started somethign new this year. Thanksgiving Breakfast. No fighting or worrying about other family get togethers. Worked out great. And then off to mom’s. Full belly. All day long.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving, to you and who you love. Traditional turkey this year, because there was a great sale, 9 bucks for a big turkey. I see turkey tetrazzini and pot pie in my future. I like the dark meat and hubby the white. The kids will eat both so he can have all the white meat he wants happily with my good gravy. Our table is pretty traditional on Thanksgiving, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole we all grew up with. Pasta as a first course because that is what hubby grew up with. No pie this year, I’m making cookies, sugar and chocolate peanut butter chip. Have a great day with your family ^_^


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