Drop the Puck!

I’m the guy at the hockey game who likes to yell “Drop the puck” at the officials when I think he’s keeping the guys with the sticks waiting in the faceoff circles too long.

Last week I learned a new meaning of one of my favorite phrases between periods of the Syracuse Crunch contest. They told some kids around the concourse of the Onondaga County War Memorial to let loose with pucks at a big target they’d placed at center ice.

Hundreds of the black rubber discs bounced about and settled, some quite close to the red line, some not so.

The puck stops near.

The puck stops near.

And then it got even crazier, as another bunch of kids scurried around the ice picking up the pucks, appearing to grab as many as they could, while a squad skated around with big brooms sweeping up others.

Gather up the pucks, please.

Gather up the pucks, please.

Crazy thing.

If anybody knows what this is all about, please feel free to explain what might be one with an accurate toss from afar.

Drop the puck!

Have you ever won something with a feat of skill, and if so, please explain. What do you think the puck toss might entail? How many pucks do you think you could gather up running around against all those kids?

17 thoughts on “Drop the Puck!

  1. Ok so here is the skinny on this. Most Crunch home games, a local youth hockey organization sells those rubber pucks for what is called “Chuck a Puck” i think it is 1 for $1 and 5 for $3. each puck is numbered and when you buy them they write down the numbers of the pucks you have with your name and phone number. During the second intermission they bring out the large target and it is CHUCK A PUCK TIME!!!!! The puck closest to the center wins. what do they win? it is a 50/50 kind of thing. Now the kids who come out to clean it up? those are a combination of the youth hockey players in attendance, kids picked through out the night and of course the lovely ice girls and Tully the Turtle (since Tullys Good Times sponsors chuck a puck) dudes on skates with the shovels are part ofthe dry scrape crew and they help just to make it go faster. I always buy 5 pucks for chuck a puck not because i think i can win but i love supporting local youth hockey,

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  2. our hockey player is eight, been playing since he was three, his Dad is one of the coaches…this is a Cleveland team…….maybe we will meet someday on the ice Mark. Well, not really ON the ice, as I never could stand up on ice skates.


    • I am not a skater, either, Gradmama. I played broomball in a city league here, where the players wore special shoes made for the ice rink with little rubber suction cups on them. This was 30 years ago for me, though! 🙂 Have fun watching your 8-year-old grand.


      • that throwing pucks on to the target is something the fans do, for prizes, and its called “chuck a puck” so my sources tell me…..at least that’s the Cleveland version. 🙂


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