It’s beginning to look a lot like ugly Christmas sweater season

The Syracuse University bookstore table outside the Sheraton University tailgate party set up for the Orange football game last week’s Clemson game had a new addition.

I thought it was rushing the season a bit.

In Orange, the ornate Christmas sweater.

In Orange, the ornate Christmas sweater.

Of course, there’s just one home football game left to move these babies out for the Christmas party season, the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The other school color.

The other school color.

And it’s available in blue, too.

Do you wear an ugly Christmas sweater, and why or why not? What’s your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, ever, and why? Do you prefer the orange or blue version, and why?


50 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like ugly Christmas sweater season

  1. I like the blue one – and these almost have an 80’s printout feel for design – seem to remind me of what we’d print for banners in the 80’s. And on the show shark tank they recently showed a company update where some guys are doing well their “ugly Christmas sweater” business – anyhow – I think a good ugly holiday sweater can be fun –


  2. I keep saying …. What happened to Thanksgiving? All this Christmas stuff and music out all ready! Geesh!! I do my own Christmas shopping to ensure I get no ugly sweaters. I must admit though that bright orange one possibly would glow in the dark which would come in handy for me as I traverse the deep forests this year to get winter landscape shots. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a deer! *horror* So yes, I if you are giving me a present this year, I’ll take the glow in the dark orange sweater. Thank you, cuz!!!! ❤

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  3. If you’re going to buy it then you might as well throw caution to the wind and go orange. We have a Christmas jumper Friday here to raise money for charity – lots of schools join in.


  4. Yes, I sometimes do bro Mark, and to be perfectly honest, I love the orange sweater. In fact, I would wear it. I prefer sweatshirts, but will wear sweaters if I have them. Does this mean you aren’t exactly in love with the orange sweater?


  5. The orange is wonderful. It’s in your face and cannot be denied. I found one at Goodwill last week, with deer standing on their hooves, clinking beer bottles, all pixellated like an ugly sweater and that awful red-orange. I wore it last weekend. You must don this gay apparel immediately.


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