They’re No. 1, they’re No. 1

A Clemson Tiger fan celebrates in Syracuse's Carrier Dome.

A Clemson Tiger fan celebrates in Syracuse’s Carrier Dome.

The No. 1 college football team prevailed Saturday in the Carrier Dome.

But the Syracuse Orange gave the Clemson Tigers a hard time.

The final score was 37-27, and the game was wilder than that. Clemson went back to South Carolina undefeated, still hopeful of winning the Atlantic Coast Conference championship game, reaching the four-team playoffs and with the big trophy in its dreams.

A TD for No. 1.

A TD for No. 1.

Syracuse is now 3-7, with everybody in Orange wondering for Coach Scott Shafer will return for his fourth season.

I wrote about that tough call for new Syracuse athletic director Mark Coyne for my weekly Mark It Up community column for Syracuse Public Media site You can read it by clicking the link below.

For fans, it’s all about the team.

For Shafer and his assistant coaches, it’s all about their lives.

Tough job, that.

If you want to gauge the passion that still fires in Syracuse for a football team that lost its seventh straight game after opening with three wins in a row, I shot with my iPhone 6 this short and loud video clip with Clemson moving the football the first drive after the home team scored a third-quarter touchdown to pull within seven points of the No. 1 team of the nation.

Do you think too much emphasis is placed on winning in college sports? Do you think about the lives of coaches and staff when decisions are made about hiring and firing? What makes a good coach in your eyes?

16 thoughts on “They’re No. 1, they’re No. 1

  1. You played a challenging team and “gave them a run for the money,” Mark! This is all I can ask of the Indians and Browns. Luckily, OSU does fairly well although exasperated sometimes! 🙂


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