In Syracuse, we think of Paris

Blue and red in downtown Syracuse.

Blue and red in downtown Syracuse.

The night before, the tower in downtown Syracuse was lighted up all blue, the choice this month to signal the fight against diabetes.

Saturday night crowds walking out of two adjacent buildings looked up at a different tribute.

We're with you, Paris.

We’re with you, Paris.

Some 6,000 people from the Syracuse Crunch hockey game and another 2,000 from the concert hall were greeted by the blue and red. To remember Paris. To let them know, in some small manner. We are them, and they are us.

How could people do this to other people? Again? Still?

More terrorism. In the name of what? God? Change? Retribution? Might? Warning?

At the nub, it’s beyond my comprehension. It’s not beyond our compassion.


36 thoughts on “In Syracuse, we think of Paris

  1. nice photo, great sentiments. Unfortunately the attacks on Paris, on top of the downed Russian airliner, and other ISIS atrocities…they have brought down the wrath of the rest of the world…bringing in the big guns to risk total destruction. Who knows what they want? And even a better question is–whatever their reasoning why don’t more of US kinds of people know more about it? What IS the root cause?


  2. I agree, Mark. Beyond comprehension. And easy to feel powerless. But I do believe if we are gentler with ourselves and with others today and the days to come, it will start to change the world. If only we can keep it up–and let those best equipped to handle the craziness be guided by a wisdom far greater than mine.


  3. Love your quote! “It’s beyond my comprehension. It’s not beyond our compassion.” Well said my friend!
    Prayers for Peace. I can not understand this hatred and the sadness it brings!


  4. It’s the reason I simply refuse to listen, watch or read the news any more bro Mark. Just can’t handle any more war, death, terror, stupidity, greed, whatever it is going on out there. I keep hoping if I don’t see it it just doesn’t exist, but it does. We’ve done this in the past 60 years. Thru our blindness, our indifference, our greed, we’ve killed off all the good things this world was once blessed with and are now left with a concrete jungle filled with beasts of terror, hate and violence. I


  5. It must have looked lovely. It seems, though, that ugliness turns into more ugliness with people wanting all immigrants to be banned from the USA. I, myself don’t know what to think anymore, only that innocent people should not be killed or suffer, on both sides.


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