Let’s call it splitsville

Not good. Simple as that.

Not good. Simple as that.

Good news about my bowling team in the Thursday Night Men’s League.

Heading into last week’s action, we were officially in a three-way tie for first. We had the least amount of pinfall of the trio, which meant officially we stood above just nine of the 12 squads in our league. But, with five weeks remaining in the first half of the season, well, we’ll take it.

Then we went on to take two of three games against the very tough fourth-place team. They whomped us but good in the middle game of the set, thus taking total pins to make the Position Night’s count end up 4 us, 3 them. The 1-2 battle ended with one of the squad taking five points. That means heading into tonight’s action, we may very well be in second place, one point back. But the rest of the teams are bunched tightly behind us. If somebody went 7-0 last week, they could have overtaken us.

As for me …

See the red 8s in my photo above? They signify that I left a split, two pins standing with more than a pin’s gap between them after my first shot. No, I did not convert any of the three that I left in a row in that third game last week. I did not have a good series. My average is falling a bit.

I did not wear my good luck socks the last two weeks, preferring to thing my talent would prevail. I will wear them tonight.

If you bowl, do you tend to leave a lot of splits? Are you able to thread the ball in the middle of the two pins or would you rather go outside for the baby splits? What’s the widest big split you remember converting?

49 thoughts on “Let’s call it splitsville

  1. I used to bowl bro Mark. Had an unbroken record for the most gutter balls in history of the alley. I think it still stands to this day. Not sure, I would have to check, but it would be safe to say it comes close. Maybe hit two pins during my bowling career, a very short lived career I guarantee.


  2. I STINK at bowling, and come from a family where my mom’s mom bowled almost-perfect scores in her 80s and both my parents were good bowlers who were in leagues. So to me, Mark, you are a Master Bowler!


    • Babe, I am just so damn glad to have comments from you here today. True story: I just went to my story page and trashed my post scheduled for TOMORROW MORNING titled Where art thou Outlier Babe?

      And I am no master bowler! Just a much-relieved blogger. ❀

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      • Golly, Mark–I’m awed that you would do a POST about me. Your wife is truly blessed with the sweetest man.

        I have to say, I’ve so enjoyed my brief time back today–how great that Iris is back from her disappearing act!–but I’ve barely had time to visit anyone, and I’ve yet to take my hour-long walk–now I must do it by pacing indoors (bleah) before bed. I will at least try to read one post by each of my earliest-followed folks before the weekend’s out, but let myself off the hook if I don’t succeed. Too many other pressures, still, so no more self-guilt trips. I’ll do what I can do, which is all any of us can do.


      • No guilt from me, Iris. I had to know you were safe and sound. Much like we are now fretting about Paul. As the months went by, I worried more and more, and had no email address or way to get hold of you.

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      • I don’t know why I’ve acted like that is a big secret. I really ought to link it to the blog. I guess I was worried, in that I was finding it so difficult as it was to keep up with the mutual commenting, I thought emails in addition would overwhelm me. I don’t keep up with the mail I get now. I tried gmails sorting options, and consider them a major Fail, for me.


  3. My ball goes straight and true to the pins, so if I throw it right through the nose, there’s about a 50/50 chance I’m gonna end up with something in the 4-6 family of splits. I’ve had 5 in one game before… they can be my undoing even if I’m picking up all of my easy spares.


  4. I used to bowl on occasion. I learned the proper technique back in 1976. Junior college Phys Ed. class was great I chose BOWLING! (Do they make college kids take phys ed now?). Anyway I had an occasional split but I was more into Spares and occasional Strikes. Of course now I probably can’t bowl due to health reasons. (Not lifting heavy items) I usually had an average of 150, now I know that sounds pitiful, but I bowl much better than my husband ever did.


    • I think 150 is a terrific average, Lorraine, and learning in junior college phys ed strikes me as a fun class for sure. You were college the same time as me, by the way. HS class of 75. πŸ™‚


      • I graduated in 1976. I went to Jr. College for one semester for Commercial Art before I quit.I wish I hadn’t quit but I felt bogged down by the animal anatomy drawing class. Drawing animal bones and muscles depressed me for some reason, but I shouldn’t have quit. I can’t afford to go back and get my degree now. Nor do I want to take some of the mandatory classes. I did go back for Animal painting in 1979.


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