Badges for Nano Poblano 2015

Are you ready for some Nano Poblano action, Peppers?

Below are your badges for this year’s November action, hot from the mind of your good friend Fish of Gold.

She’s come up with two versions this year for your graphic pleasure.

Grab them from here and use them where you’d like on your blog.

I hope everybody who was along for the ride last November comes back for the fun. And I hope plenty of new folk jump on board for the excitement. A post a day keeps the doldrums away. This is the team where you can meet many new interesting bloggers, of many interests, varying topics and many levels of experience in BloggyVille.

Here’e the post from Rara’s place where she’s already compiled a BlogRoll for this month’s shenanigans.

Please click and visit to meet the squad that’s already shaping up.

Click here to find the rare and fine Rara’s mission and resource post for our Nano Poblano group.

And please comment below to help us get ready, too.

(Badge by Fishy)

(Badge by Fishy)

(Badge by Fishy)

(Badge by Fishy)

I’m going to post every day starting Sunday about this, that and maybe even this-and-that. What do you have on your mind?

26 thoughts on “Badges for Nano Poblano 2015

  1. I’m trying to rev up. Had planned to get some posts done ahead of time or at least have a list of ideas but I got nothing. I’ll be splitting posts among my three blogs again… Aside from the every day thing, I’m looking forward to it πŸ™‚


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