Sock it to me one more time

Technically I was right.

When I showed up for the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green in North Syracuse on Sunday Morning — and yes, you read that right — our squad was listed second on the standings sheet.

After seven weeks.

After seven weeks.

Much to my surprise, though, we had the same record as the team listed above us. After winning just one of three games and losing total pins Thursday night, I had posted here before I left for our makeup session that I was sure we’d fallen from the top spot after just one thrilling week at No. 1.

And because league rules call for total pinfall as the determining factor when win points are tied, indeed, we started Sunday behind The Lite Crew.

I was wrong on another count, though.

Our team

Our team

I had figured I’d raised my average from 157 to 160. Nope. I’d gone all the way up to 161.

And I had another good week, despite a sleepy 135 start in the 10 a.m. first game.

How we finished.

How we finished.

If not for a split that I almost converted in the 10th frame in game two, I would have been clean.

And I did go through the last game without an open frame to notch a 213. That’s my second set in a row with a 200 game. Nice. With the 533 series, I should be up to a 163 average, nudging past my final mark at the end of last season.

I know they're mine.

I know they’re mine.

Maybe it was because I chose to wear the special socks my dear wife Karen bought me on our July trip to Colorado for her family reunion, and knew which foot to put in front of the other.

Unfortunately for the squad, that stellar third game was the only one we won. It’s a close battle in the 12-team league. Tonight I think we’ll find ourselves down several slots.

Is 10 a.m. too early to bowl or just right? Did my socks have anything to do with my good last game? What do you predict my average will be at the end of this season?

48 thoughts on “Sock it to me one more time

  1. I watched a movie once where the athlete refused to wash his lucky socks for fear of losing his winning streak? His teammates could hardly bare the smell but he kept to his belief. If his dirty socks made him win, I’d be willing to bet your clean ones gave you the good score!! So…I would keep everything as is and shoot for 170. So proud of you Mark!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xo


  2. Since I have a brother who plays tennis in am and other who runs really early, it is NEVER too early for bowling, Mark! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy an a 161 is fantastic and every time uou improve is a positive forward move.


  3. The youth league I bowled in as a kid used to start at 9AM. Of course, that would be “late” for me these days…

    135 to 213… like me, you are consistently inconsistent! I don’t think I’ve had three good games in one series all year…


  4. My body doesn’t get totally upright until noonish, so bowling at 10am would be out of the question. Although I guess bowling really just requires hunching over, for the most part.


  5. I think your socks are fabulous. I love them!!!! Great job on a fantabulous start to the bowling season!!!!! I have some cashmere polka doted socks I can let you borrow!!!!!! They will keep your toes scrumptiously cozy!!!!


  6. Oh, cuz, I burst out laughing when I saw your socks!!! Are you sure the drier phantom won’t eat up one of them? Is there now a guarantee somehow that one of your socks will not mysteriously disappear like so many others? Just sayin’ ….. Hehehehehehe Whatever …. keep on wearing those socks. They are getting you molded into a better bowler. Cool beans!!!! โค


  7. Love the socks, just make sure to handwash them rather than risk losing them to the washing machine!

    As a spectator for years for someone who bowled in a league, I can appreciate the early morning games more than the stay up overly late ones ๐Ÿ™‚


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