With Livelong Day, Chip Prior rocks his belief

From CD Cover

From CD Cover

Chip Prior, Livelong Day
Odd Mann Out Music

Before she started this summer of retooling of her PriorHouse blog, my friend Whyvette dropped me a package by U.S. Post that included the new CD by her husband, Chip Prior.

She wondered to me if his music would be too Christian for my liking.

Livelong Day is indeed full of praise and worship.

But its 10 songs rock in a style that speaks to my ears.

Prior’s guitar work refreshes, an electric charge in the opening cut There’s No Other and an acoustic embrace in Lingering Dawn.

It chimes in Leaning into You and soothes in One Thirty Nine.

The bright, bubbly start of Ignite had me thinking of vintage Three Dog Night, nodding back to the 1970s.

Now and Forever snagged me with its big beat.

And I do believe that the cool backup voice in the closing cut, Take My Life (You’re Worthy To) shines from my friend, Whyvette.

The messages are spiritual, from the heart of a believer.

I like it, this Livelong Day. Yes, I do.

Click here to find details about the album.

Do you have a favorite Christian music artist, and if so, who and why? What’s your favorite Three Dog Night song, and why? Who’s your favorite rock artist, and why?

19 thoughts on “With Livelong Day, Chip Prior rocks his belief

  1. Hey Marky mark! Well for starters – YOU ROCK! This is such a nice review and we are honored – and so sorry to not follow up better, but as you know my blog break snuck up on me and I had to press the pause button rather quick-like – but most of the female vocal backups are Mandy or Jody – and I intentionally stayed off of all CDs – although I am not sure if you know the photo is mine – from a photo shoot I had in downtown RVA in 2014 – it was a casual walking day and later we realized how special the photos of the trains came out – but when we went back to get more – all the trains were gone and only crickets could be heard among the leaves. Anyhow, he did some photo shop work on the image and I also helped with the font. In closing, thanks again for your sweet review of his music. Have a great rest of the weekend and be back real soon amigo.


  2. I’m not a Christian, and I don’t listen to Christian pop music, but um, I love some undeniably Christian stuff, like Ode to Joy, Handel’s Messiah, How Great Thou Art.
    I could never pick one artist. Too hard.


  3. i’ve never listened to much christian music, but am open to most everything. as close as i can come, is the singers who began in the church choirs, ala aretha )


  4. I like the Newsboys and my son has been playing rap music in the car by Lecrae and he’s really talented and great lyrics, if I’m in the mood for rap πŸ™‚ I still like old timey choir music also.

    Three Dog Night! Yes, someone still remembers them. That would be Mama Told Me Not to Come

    My favourite rock artist, so many- how about Janis Joplin and Joan Jett. Pink Floyd, the Scorps, Are CCR still considered rock and roll?

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  5. Favorite Three Dog Night Song is Never Been to Spain, then maybe Shambala? Too many too choose from for second place πŸ™‚

    I don’t think I know any mainstream, designated Christian music unless you count hearing Amy Grant in the early 90s (I think it was then?). πŸ™‚


  6. I enjoy Christian music but don’t follow the artists. My fav 3 dog has to be Joy to the world- Ha! I would say that Quarterflash are my favorite rock band and Stevie Nicks my fav rock star.

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