The Baseball Project sounds perfect for this time of the season

A happy band in Cooperstown, N.Y. (From

A happy band in Cooperstown, N.Y. (From

Bring on the playoffs, say baseball fans all over today.

Not just in New York, where the Mets and Yankees have both qualified for the first time since 2006. Can we get the second Subway Series, 15 years after the World Series matchup? (In retrospect, that was one I believed helped pave the way for New Yorkers to turn to their teams eventually a year later as they attempted to start the healing from the tragedy of 9/11.) Oh, it is far too early to tell. The AL Wild Card game kicks off the schedule tonight with the Yanks playing host to the Houston Astros, and the NL follows with the Chicago Cubs visiting the Pittsburgh Pirates tomorrow.

Play ball! (And Let’s Go Mets in their first-round series against the Los Angeles Dodgers, albeit giving up the home-field advantage by losing five straight before taking the last game of the regular season to reach 90 wins.)

So it’s a good day to talk about The Baseball Project. After my friend George and I finished our late September round at Olde Oak, he slipped me a burned CD out of his car because we’d talked about the band while we enjoyed the day on the course.

He’s a big fan of the supergroup comprised of five special musicians and avid baseball fans.

Here’s how they list their team roster on the band’s site:

Scott McCaughey (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Percussion, SF Giants)

Steve Wynn (Vocals, Guitars, New York Yankees)

Linda Pitmon (Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Minnesota Twins)

Peter Buck (12- and 6-string Guitars, Fender VI Bass, Banjo, Washington Senators)

Mike Mills (Bass, Vocals, Atlanta Braves)

Instrument and favorite team. Shout it out.

You may recognize Buck and Mills from REM, Wynn from The Dream Syndicate and Gutterball, Pitmon from Zuzu’s Petals and Steve Wynn and the Miracle Three, and McCaughey from Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows and REM.

I stuffed the CD into my car player, and off I went on a mental journey to ballparks here and there.

The sound should please fans of all those bands. It’s deep and rich and … about baseball.

My favorite song from the 17 is The Day Dock Went Hunting Heads, the true tale of the 1970s pitcher and the day he sent the most feared heart of the Cincinnati Reds lineup a sprawling with his high and inside heat. Yes, that’s the Dock Ellis who later let it be known that he threw his no-hitter after taking a hit of LSD.

Also high in my order are Monument Park, a visit to pay tribute to the legends and heroes immortalized behind the outfield wall in Yankee Stadium, and Larry Yount, bittersweet about Hall-of-Famer Robin’s older brother, who played one day in the majors.

Here’s a YouTube clip of The Baseball Project performing:

Speaking of the grand game, I came across a surprise regarding the tribute I wrote the day legend Yogi Berra passed.

The folks at who put together the blog page tribute apparently were impressed with the way I described Yogi in my lead paragraphs.

They included those and the link to my blog on their tribute page, one of a dozen selected from around the country. Now that was an honor.

Who are you rooting for to reach the World Series this year? If you’ve listened to The Baseball Project, which is your favorite song, and why? Have you been surprised with your work appearing somewhere unexpected, and if so, what were the circumstances?


22 thoughts on “The Baseball Project sounds perfect for this time of the season

  1. Eager for some Wild Card baseball tonight – even happier that my team is already set…until Thursday. Yes. It’s October and I’m still excited. I’m already penning my KC Royal post. Hope our paths cross very soon!
    Have a great Tuesday, Mark!


  2. With the Phillies just barely missing out on the playoffs with 99 season losses,☺☺☺, we’ll get behind the Pirates, my husband’s home town team. But…so many ex-Phillies to watch…will be fun for us anyway ! Good luck, Mark, watching those Mets. ☺


  3. Congrats on your teams making it to the finals or playoffs. Can you tell I’m a huge ball fan, NOT. Apparently the Blue Jays made it to the finals/playoffs too, Toronto is beside itself with joy!

    Love that included a link to your blog Mark. They spotted what I’ve always known-you’re an awesome writer! ❤
    Diana xo


  4. now that my tigs finished last in their division, i’m hopeful for a subway series as well. it lends a certain positive spin on the game, that people all over the country can get behind, even if they’re normally negative about nyc or the teams. i’ve not heard about the baseball project before, that is so wild. also, a big congrats on the mlb mention, that was a really good piece and you deserved it.


  5. I love The Baseball Project, too … and I can now list the names of every pitcher who has pitched a perfect game thanks to their song “Harvey Haddix” (which they update as needed). One of my guilty pleasures is their song “13” which is about (gulp) A-Rod, but it’s just so poignant and sad and beautiful and feels like an old Dream Syndicate song. And, “Monument Park” is another gorgeous song.

    Good luck to your Mets … they’ve been fun to watch and I’m glad you’ll get some October baseball! 🙂


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