One month out from National Blog Posting Month, time to start considering your Nano Poblano role

National Blog Posting Month sure is a lot of work.

But I found out last November with the little group that calls itself Nano Poblano, it also can be a lot of fun.

I went from plain old Mark to Captain Poblano during the process of meeting and greeting new friends and keeping up correspondence with old pals in a different light during the experience. Opportunity knocks again.

Graphic by Fish of Gold

Graphic by Fish of Gold

Speaking of BloggyVille pals, I’ll take a cue from Sheena Not a Punk Rocker, who last year sent out a pre-emptive post asking returnees from 2013 what hat they’d like to wear for the next version of Nano Poblano.

It should make everybody’s month go more smoothly. Please take the time to answer these three polls, even if you’ve decided not to participate this year.

I’ve already got good news to share. Rara has told me she’s back and ready to bring her undeniable spirit and shine to the group. In many ways, it’s her baby. Click here, and you’ll see the post in which she named Nano Poblano in October 2013.

OK, if you’ve made it this far and still don’t know what NaBloPoMo is all about, here’s your primer.

Come November, WordPress will crank up activity and registration through its home hive, The Daily Post. WP staffers usually alert all a few days ahead of time via Hot Off the Press.

You don’t have to sign up there, or at BlogHer, or anywhere else to be part of Nano Poblano. But you can be part of any group you wish. Everybody picks their own best path to blogging fun, fulfillment and success. That’s what I found to be one of Nano Poblano’s best traits. Oh, yes. That and meeting plenty of interesting bloggers.

International conflict?

Wormy decided to change my look during Nano Poblano 2014.

Please feel free to share and reblog to get the word out about Nano Poblano 2015.

And leave comments below with any questions or suggestions.

Happy October.

Thanks to Fish of Gold for providing the great Nano Poblano graphics of last year, as well as starting last year’s BlogHop. Yes, everybody is welcome to sign up for familiar roles or try something new.

Thanks to Love Marriage Worms for showing how much fun can be had in the middle of November by creating Captain Poblano.

32 thoughts on “One month out from National Blog Posting Month, time to start considering your Nano Poblano role

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  3. I’ve done the April poetry thing, not this past year but the year before, since the November one is more for novel writers. I didn’t do it this year because after blogging so long, I just don’t think I’d be able to publish a poem every day. It’s great for those who don’t suffer from writer’s block.


  4. Correction: I only did the 2014 badges. Ra did the 2013 badges. She asked me to do 2015 badges, which hopefully I’ll get to in time. Unfortunately, work will keep me from winning this year, but I might sign up and fail anyway.


  5. I have seen this little badge on your blog site and always wondered what it was. This sounds interesting. Do you have to post about one particular thing or can it be anything? I am interested. My boys have been taking me to the gym every single day, so I don’t have as much time as I used to, but I think I would like to do this. Count me in!!!!!


    • Yay, SD! You can post any darn thing you like for Nano Poblano. Story, photo, poem, combination. And you’ll see how we pass around BlogHops, with each new “tag” having the privilege of adding to an ever-building group effort piece of fiction. I think you’ll like that. This is a fun group, and you’ll add to the magic.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I haven’t been around much lately due to a crushing work schedule but I wouldn’t miss Nano Poblano and reading and writing with “the Peppers”for the world. You were an awesome Captain Poblano and I’m so happy Rara is back this year!


    • I’ll be involved, Beth, whether it be writing and commenting or otherwise. I left a slot on the poll for somebody else to take a shot at being the leader. I’m glad you’ll be watching and reading from Ann Arbor.

      Liked by 1 person

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