A square with a water view

My dear wife Karen’s email asked if I’d like to meet her for lunch at Festa Italiana.

I got there early enough to take out my iPhone 6 to share my view of the fountain at downtown Syracuse’s Hanover Square on a lovely 85º F mid-September afternoon.

No mattter that Karen meant the next day because the Festa had not yet begun.

The bubbling was quite nice.

Hover over any gallery photo for a description. Click on the bottom right photo of any gallery for an enlarged slide show.

The way the fountain fits into the surrounding architecture seemed natural. The blue sky and just a smattering of lounging lunchers added to the ambience.

I met Karen outside her SMG offices, and we walked around the corner to the new Liehs and Steigerwald for my first try at that spot. I had a L&S hot dog with chips and a pickle. Spicy mustard requested as dressing made the bite of the deli-made dog just right. Karen liked her BLT wrap as well. Bonus: My good friend Donnie Webb, whom I’d worked with for more than 20 years at the big daily, was just finishing up his lunch, and he saddled over for a bit of catch-up.

And I still had the next day to meet Karen at Festa Italiana.

Have you ever blown the day of a date, and if so, were you late or early? Were you able to make the most of it, and if so, how? Which is your favorite photo, and why?


49 thoughts on “A square with a water view

  1. I like the big picture in the middle that shows the fountain up close with the building behind -= the architecture is complimentary. Ha! I once tried to unload 40,000 pounds of frozen fish at the wrong warehouse when a shipper changed a destination and I didn’t look at the paperwork – just traveled for 2 days to the wrong site. Ha! Thankfully, the right destination was only an hour away, so it was embarrassing but no great loss. I once had a driver who drove 6 hours in the wrong direction to deliver when he went to a Quebec delivery at Ste. Agathe rather than Ste. Agathe des Monts. Quebec can be tricky with all the saints and many names repeat with just a small variation.

    Great pictures and fun post Mark.


  2. Great shots, Mark!
    I actually was there a week early for my written driving test. My driving instructor had told me to go there on August 19, he handed me the date in writing at the end of our lesson. When I looked at that paper slip in the evening, it read August 12. I started learning like mad.
    When I appeared (in time!) to take the test, they told me, I wasn’t scheduled. Thankfully, they had already received my papers – I could take the test and I passed. A day later, you should have seen my instructor’s face when I told him I had passed the written test. ‘Why? How? You were due on August 19?!’ – ‘That’s what you told me. Here’s what you wrote…’ 😀


      • It was tough, due to the shortened timespan for learning. Thanks for the praise, Mark.
        We had agreed that I’d be doing the test in writing one week ahead of the driving test. For passing the written part of the exam, you need to go to an office that is authorised by the TÜV organisation. (at least when I got my driver’s license ages ago)


      • Yes, bureaucracy, always at its finest, Karen. Here, too, don’t you fret. Written test for the permit is needed way ahead of the driving test for the license. Still, when I took my daughter, a while back..

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  3. I like the “sitting at the dock” picture with all the different heights and colors.
    Umm – I was a day early for a colonscopy – yep. You heard it right. Suffered through a harrowing night of bowel prep – showed up and they said – you are a day early. I said I AM not going through that bowel prep again, lets just cancel the whole thing. Somehow – they managed to squeeze me in (I was kind of hoping they wouldn’t).


  4. I like it when you share photos of Syracuse – there should be more 🙂 Are you sure you didn’t just turn up a day early to have two lunch dates with Karen?


  5. Lovely pics- looks like good weather as well!
    Today colder here and we are wating for rain…( but as long as theres no snow im happy! )
    Watched the Emmys last night! Always interesting to see whats on in the US and to compare what they are showing here at the time! Usually takes some time 8 sometimes years ) for some of the shows to get here.
    Did you Watch it!


  6. It looks like you are having a beautiful Fall in your neck of the woods.
    My favorite photo was the fountain when it sat in the left foreground. Loved the “rule of thirds’ look on that.
    I was almost ready to start work when I saw your week of posts sitting in my inbox, and I just needed to take a peek. Have a great week, Mark!


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