The sun sets on our little golf league

Two threesomes completed all nine holes in our little golf league that could Wednesday night.

DJ, Amy and I got around first. The final foursome from the league in front of us made us wait, just a little, on a couple of tee shots.

Nature can't be beat on hole six.

Nature can’t be beat on hole six.

I think my iPhone 6 caught Amy’s shot in the greenside trap on the sixth hole quite spectacularly.

DJ approaches No. 9.

DJ approaches No. 9.

And DJ’s approach shot to the green on No. 9 isn’t too shabby, either.

MB at bat.

MB at bat.

The sun had not yet gotten to quite the golden hour when I handed the phone to DJ and took my driver to the third tee box.

Commish, Lovely Linda and Morelli were right on our heels up No. 9.

Cheers, team.

Cheers, team.

We stayed out there and rallied them in. Morelli hit a chip right next to the hole.

I’m amazed at how much more light the iPhone 6 makes it look like was out there than there was when they were putting.

Commish tends the flag for ... yes, her mom's putting stroke.

Commish tends the flag for … yes, her mom’s putting stroke.

Season completed.

The switch from Mondays the last month was a total success.

We all went into the clubhouse for a beverage.

How dark would you let it get on the course to finish the last week of the season? How cold will you let it get and still play golf? Which is your favorite photo and why?


29 thoughts on “The sun sets on our little golf league

    • And I am so glad that you are a golfer, Michelle. We will get out on a course someday. Wow. Another item on my bucket list. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your kind words on my photos, too. Happy Friday … and it’s college football season, my friend.

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      • We went to Syracuse’s home game, and I unfortunately DID notice the starting senior QB’s season-ending injury in the first quarter and the true freshman trotting in to replace him. Wait. AND the 47 points they scored after that. Hey, halftime, you’re not supposed to see the Wildcats’ band antics, are you?

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      • Let’s enjoy our teams, Michelle. We love them so! My alma mater put 50 on the board, too. Go Terps Go. So funny having two college football teams. Are you that way because of proximity or family ties, or do you hate everybody but K-State?


  1. Hey Mark! Just wanted to let you know how nice it was talking to you the other day. Ever since your phone call my daughter has been obsessed with the idea of interviewing the band (the family band that is) and already did an interview with herself!!
    I like the two on the top. You captured the sky nicely.


  2. I like the photos of them hitting the balls out of those hole things. Number 1 is my favorite because of the lighting. I haven’t ever golfed in the dark or the cold but I have gardened in the dark and the bitter cold, until my fingers were frozen. Gardened in the rain as well, that was interesting. I was feeling very British that day.


  3. Uh, well, I would take my walk earlier, loaded with a full can of mace, bro Mark. My shoulder aches at just the thought of swinging a stick at anything. especially a tiny ball. We did find out Sunday that I really do have a crooked eye, laughable until I bump into the door facing. Don was hanging my clock, and I was trying to convince him it was crooked, so he pulled out a level and proved it was straight. Still looks crooked to me, but everyone else sees it straight, so I can live with that.


  4. Your photos were also well taken. I liked the sunsets over the greens, too. The sun in the first photo brilliant and beautiful. The pinks and purples in the fading sun with deep blue clouds awesome, Mark!!


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