My 15 seconds of Mets fan fame comes when I’m not looking

They’ve flashed a cute picture of some kid wearing Mets garb on SNY every game this season as my dear Karen and I have watched our squad.

The feature is called the Data Strong Fan of the Game.

I finally grew weary of all these youngsters getting a shout-out from Gary Cohen on TV.

I thought the photo that Karen took of me posing with Mr. Met in the museum in Citi Field was at least as good as this parade of youth.

I paid attention to the rules of the game.

I tweeted the shot to #SNYDataStrongFan earlier this week and went about my business.

Yeah, good judgment.

My mug on SNY.

My mug on SNY.

When Karen and I got home from the Syracuse game at the Carrier Dome Friday night, I noticed a text from my friend and fellow Mets fan Rich Sullivan that he’d spotted me on that night’s broadcast. Then I noticed a Tweet from my friend Sarah Moses, with the screen capture I swiped and posted above. And there were two messages from my friends Tom Merrick and Jimmy Johnson on my Facebook page.

Yes, me and Mr. Met were on SNY together during the Mets-Marlins game.

And Karen and I missed it.


Figures, doesn’t it? I wonder what Gary said about the photo. He and Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling always have something nice to say about the little ones.

Have you entered any sort of TV contest and had your name broadcast as the winner? Would you send your photo in? Worthy winner or should I have left the spot for another kid?


43 thoughts on “My 15 seconds of Mets fan fame comes when I’m not looking

  1. Well good for you. Obviously the spot wasn’t just for the youngsters or else they would not have picked you. They possibly said something like.”The Mets not just for kids”. Bummer you missed it.


  2. Ha! That’s awesome Mark. I don’t know anyone who’s been on national TV before. Whew – I bow down to your national fame Mr.Mark. Ha! Too great! Andy Warhol was right.

    Mark you have basically dedicated your life to bringing sports and other important news to the public. If anyone deserves some small amount of recognition for their activities , it is you. In fact such an acknowledgement is only a very small token of the thank you that you deserve. Never mind saving the spot for a kid – if you want a justification then you could easily say that you approach the sport with the wide eyed appreciation and enthusiasm that makes the rapt attention of a child so priceless – the only perspective that does the true spirit of the sport service.

    Have a great long weekend Mark!

    P.S. did you receive the draft of tomorrow’s guest post?


    • Thanks for your morale boost, my good friend Paul. I indeed find true enjoyment from the world and try to pass that along as well as comment about the lesser moments in constructive ways. πŸ™‚

      Yes, I received the draft. I appreciate the early arrival. Last week I was busy the evening it arrived and rushed to publish Sunday morning because I had plans. This weekend, no problem to edit and schedule.

      Hey, all, Paul’s Cuppa is on track for publication right here tomorrow morning, bright and early. πŸ™‚


    • All you have to do, Mike, is Tweet a photo of yourself in a Mets situation to that hashtag above, and not watch a telecast. You’ll be picked for the fan of the game, for sure!

      Thanks, my friend. Have a great holiday weekend. That loss last night stung. 😦


    • Yes, my network of Mets fans friends jumped right in for me. Impressed the heck out of me when I got home and logged onto my iPad, Van. I’m glad I’m not the one to check messages during football games, or I would have been totally distracted from the action in front of me. πŸ˜‰

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  3. How exciting!!! A celebrity among our midst!
    I was a “celebrity” for a little while and didn’t even know it. A Mom took a picture of me while I was examining her child and I didn’t know she had (I avoid having photos taking of me) and she put it up on the hospital Facebook account unbeknownst to me. It received like 800 likes and people were posting all these super comments. As much as I don’t like having photos taken, I thought that was awfully cool. Then I went to a fancy fundraiser for the hospital just last week and there was the same Facebook picture on huge television screens throughout the venue. Eek!!!!!!


  4. Whooo! That is very much the height of absolute awesomeness! (The photo with Mr. Met alone is awesome, but then to be on a Mets broadcast, doublesomely awesome.) Last season at a University of Virginia baseball game I answered the trivia question via tweet and got my name up on the scoreboard as the Fan of the Game. UVa went on to win the NCAA National Championship — their first baseball championship ever. Coincidence? I think not.


    • You certainly did help the Cavaliers win the national title, TBB. After they came back in the bottom of the ninth to sweep my Terps in the Super Regionals when I was sure we’d gotten it even at 1-1. Still not over that one!

      Thanks for the whooping on my Mr. Met photo and TV notice. πŸ™‚

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      • I’m still waiting to get a photo of me with the Oriole Bird, so I consider a pic with Mr. Met increda-cool. Yes, very sorry about your Terps … to be honest, I didn’t expect any of this, what a wild ride for the Wahoos!. I am also very sorry that the Terps left the ACC. They were a perfect fit in the conference and a perfect rival for the Hoos. Plus, even though “enemies”, we were always united in our contempt for Duke. πŸ™‚


      • Because I live in Syracuse, all my years as an avid ACC fan do not go to waste. I had that glorious one year overlap when my alma mater and hometown team where in the same league, TBB. I rooted for my alma mater in THAT game. Now I can still hate Duke, and love the new border state rivalry in the Big Ten with Penn State — we beat ’em in Happy Valley in the first year! — and delight in better football (there, I said it) with Ohio State and Michigan State and Wisconsin et al. Even Rutgers will be a good rivalry. So, I will be happy to chat matchups with you for any and all ‘Hoo’-Orange games, OK? Lacrosse!


  5. Incredibly, Gary got the pronunciation perfectly! Keith then commented on the “old school” Mr. Met head. I assume he was talking about Mrs. Mets’ husband and not Mrs. Bialczak’s. I was watching the game with my son and I yelled, “hey, I know the Fan of the Game!” The only thing better would have been if you also made Kiner’s Korner!


    • Thanks for filling me in, JJ! Holy cow, Gary said my name right. And that’s a funny line by Keith. Maybe he was talking about my noggin’. πŸ™‚ Yeah, you sure do know the fan of the game.


  6. Oh I feel your pain, Mark 😦 But you did make it on, cool for you! And what a terrific picture! My youngest just asked me if I knew the best MLB mascot (he was reading one of our endless baseball trivia books) and I guessed the Philly Phanatic but he corrected me and answered, Mr. Met πŸ˜€ You and Mr. Met are tops!


      • Dbacks do a similar fan contest, connected to a company promo. I don’t think I’ve seen a kid win. Interesting! Oh, the sine mentioned was at his first Dbacks game when he was 6 weeks old. Many people commented that I was bring him up right ⚾️ Sweet πŸ˜€!


  7. They must have thought you were just a very mature looking kid…

    My philosophy on all the special stuff going to the little ones is this…. they’ve got their whole lifetimes ahead of them to have many moments in the sun. Us adults are on a more limited time frame. Gimme that foul ball, you lousy rugrat!!!


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