A couple of roses as Karen cleans up the front

My dear wife Karen got out front of the Little Bitty and went to work.

She loves her gardening.

Unearthed walkway.

Unearthed walkway.

And thus our yard in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood looks better now than it did last week.

First off, she chopped away the grass that had overgrown our stone walk that juts off the driveway.

The yellow and the white.

The yellow and the white.

And then my dear wife thinned out the hourglass garden, better to see the brilliance of the blooms of the two roses of our half-dozen that have decided to kick out some late summer flowers.

That would be the lovely yellow and brilliant white.

Both are small blooms. But I adore them still.

Do you have grass that invades your pathways, and if so, how often do you have to hack it back? Do you think Cherry Cherry looks strong in the top photo as she’s rounding out her first season? Do you prefer the yellow or white rose bush?

49 thoughts on “A couple of roses as Karen cleans up the front

    • I’ve mowed some plants I was supposed to dodge as well, Cat. I hate that. And still my dear wife Karen lets me help in the gardens sometimes. Usually at the beginning of the season. πŸ™‚ Thanks for pitching in here, my Midwest friend.

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      • I know! It’s actually not too weed infested and we are enjoying a harvest of beans, onions and potatoes. I haven’t blogged in ages but will try to post this week. May go back to Could do worse. what do you think?


      • I think you had a really good thing going and then you changed it and people may not have followed you over to the new place out of confusion or WordPress malaise or many other factors of life. Your call, Rachel. I’m finally cued in on the Patch, though. πŸ˜‰


  1. Beautiful work! Karen must have at least one green thumb! πŸ™‚
    Yellow roses are my favorites with white roses coming in second. I prefer them over red roses any day. πŸ™‚
    Cherry Cherry is beautiful! πŸ™‚
    One thing I always miss after summer has gone is my veggie garden and all the flowers! (and the insects that buzz and flit about the flowers!)
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚


  2. Unfortunately, I just don’t have my own sidewalk. Or garden, except for my window herb garden, bro Mark. I do however, have a colony of pet roaches I’m selling. You can buy one or a family, and I have them named. Just give me a hint about the first initial, and how many you want.
    Oh, sorry, I shouldn’t be advertising on your page. Karen has a green thumb apparently, because the garden looks so pretty. I hope some day we will have a flower garden here. One can always hope.
    And speaking of hope, I’m about to post my last blog before my move tomorrow. Got some really great news today — not about the move, but a thorn has been removed from my, well, it’s just been removed.


  3. My sidewalk is a mess and I want to clean it up before snow flies. But I’ve only seen it done with a special tool, that I do not have


  4. The yard is beautiful, Mark. Saki looks great. Glad to see the roses decided to show. September is the month of the rose shows.

    On a completely separate note, I read an article on line about Syracuse being one of the top ten cities in the US for triathlons. Do they run through or near your neighborhood like the fun run you posted about earlier this year?


  5. SAKI! Wonderful to see you in your green splendor thriving at the Little Bitty under the caring attention of Mark and Karen. Your yard looks very inviting Mark. I prefer the yellow rose for some reason. When I was living on property that required upkeep, the grass did grow over the pathways. Our paths were about double the width of yours so I just left it be – it gives a old and settled look to the walkway. Obviously if your walkways are narrower you have to cut the grass back. Looking good Mark and Karen.


  6. The yellow is especially pretty! As you mentioned in a prior post, I wonder why they’re just now finally blooming?!? I dunno when your frost date is, but maybe they’ll bloom through to then! It really must have been a strange winter up there! Still nice to see them tho πŸ™‚
    Our errant grass is what comes up in cracks and crevices in the concrete and asphalt. Nature makes its way!


  7. Nicely done. It looks very tidy. The Cherry-Cherry looks good. It looks like a Weeping Cherry – is that right? I have tried to grow a Weeping Cherry – never had much success. I love the yellow rose. Very pretty.
    Can Karen come to my house and help me please? Tell her to bring a machete, it is a jungle. Our Philodendron in the front garden is over 6 feet tall, the asparagus fern has taken over and the plumbago is completely out of control. As far as the grass creeping onto the path, it hasn’t been much of an issue this year as it is pretty much dead – a brown lawn is a responsible lawn and a dead lawn, therefore it does not grow.


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