What a good day for the roses

Four colors of rose in one spot in our front yard garden.

Four colors of rose in one spot in our front yard garden.

While my dear wife Karen and I spent a week in Cape Cod, the roses came out to play at our home in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood.

In one spot in our hourglass front-yard garden, you can see a yellow rose, white rose, pink rose and red rose.

They are of different sizes and count.

I hope the plants bloom long and hardy.

Perhaps past peak.

Perhaps past peak.

The big bush of red at the corner of the backyard porch, meanwhile, obviously came out in full bloom while we were away.

There are still plenty of flowers to smell and admire.

If past success is any indication, there will be further blooms from this bush, but none this season as plentiful as the first.

How many different colors of roses can you spot in one given garden? What is your favorite color rose? Do you have a favorite story of getting or giving roses?

34 thoughts on “What a good day for the roses

  1. I’m allergic to most flowers, but I so love roses. I think my landscaping crew plans to plant a knockout rose bush for me soon. I think they are all gorgeous, but I enjoy looking at a pink one. Got some purple roses while I was sickest and they were stunning.


  2. I enjoy seeing your gardens! I loved the peonies, now the roses! Your hostas are looking quite lovely in contrast to the brightly colored roses! My Mom’s name is Rosalie, my Dad called her “Rosie” and would do a rather tawdry dance to “Cracklin’ Rosie get on board…” I love peach colored roses and also, delicate buds, more than the fully opened roses. I also like wild roses! Thanks for asking about our flower favorites, Mark!


    • Well good for your dad, Robin, dancing the dirty dance for his Rosie. He the man! Our hostas do give a great contrast to the roses. Good eye on that one, my friend. And I like your taste on the peach color and delicate buds. Thank you for sharing what you like in the rose world.


      • You know that my good girlfriend rarely saw her parents hold hands and only once or twice kiss! I am blessed as your daughter is, since I saw you holding Karen’s hand at one of the festivals and I am sure you have kissed her in front of your daughter, when she was growing up. It is amazing how funny that my Dad could be, but not a big joker until he retired. The laughter was held in check, while he was under pressure at work and in younger years’ life. I know you are funny and give me smiles from the way you write with a sense of humor. I try to be funny, but am not ‘laugh out loud’ funny! This was nice of you to say, “He the man!” I agree! You da’ man, too!


  3. Mark, I love the smell of roses and Alberta, the province I live in, is called Wild Rose Country – I love the smell of those as well!

    I’m glad your roses are still in bloom. It would be kind of a shame if whilst you were away, something bloomed and died and you never had the chance to see it!

    Diana xo


    • Wild Rose Country! How lucky you are to experience living there, Diana! It must the thrilling to have beauty like that around the bend.

      Yes, Karen and I were glad that we didn’t miss the blooms in our yard. The good things about most of our roses is that they flower more than once a season. (Knock on wood.) πŸ™‚


  4. I love all roses, but especially yellow ones πŸ™‚ I miss having room to grow them. I would rather have live flowers than cut ones.

    My mother loved sterling silver roses, which are the pale lavender..


    • The pale lavender one are beautiful, Jeanette, and thank you for cueing me in on the fact that they’re known as sterling silver! I figure if you’ve got a plentiful bounty of flowers, cutting a few to make special people know they’re special is a good byproduct of the garden. πŸ™‚ Is there a Richmond-area public Rose Garden you can enjoy? They have one here in Syracuse that’s pretty spectacular.


  5. those are so beautiful mark. it’s really lucky you have the array of colors. your garden is really thriving this year. it’s nice when it’s all grown in a bit and you can just add some nice things each year.

    after going to cape cod and seeing the sea roses, growing on the old fences, i tried growing some on the fence in my yard. not much success, but i’m not giving up. my favorite color of rose is the pale cream with an apricot or rosy peach edge.

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  6. They are beautiful Mark. At least the grass doesn’t seem to have grown enough to need mowing (unless you mowed it before taking the pictures).


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