Three-Day Quote Challenge: Harry Bosch

Knock-knock, said Susanne Valenti’s post. Who’s there, I replied. Why, it’s the Three-Day Quote Challenge … Or something like that.

You can find the new blogger in the WordPress universe here. Orange you glad you nominated me, Susanne?

In my second time through the quote game, I decided to go with words uttered in novels penned by a trio of my favorite authors.

(Image from

(Image from

I’ll wrap up here in day three with words from the latest Harry Bosch series novel, No. 19, from significant crime novelist Michael Connelly. The former police beat reporter for the Los Angeles Times started putting detective Bosch on the LA scene in 1992’s The Black Echo.

He’s been endlessly interesting since as the tough guy with a big heart he tries to hide, a love for jazz he doesn’t mind sharing with certain friends and a daughter who’s grown to wish to follow in his footsteps.

In 2014’s The Burning Room, veteran Harry is teamed with green detective Lucia, and he’s determined to make her the best she can be in all ways, including handling the — drumroll, please — press. So Connelly has Harry say: “Let me see your phone. You said you had to make a call when I went into the autopsy. I want to see if you called that reporter. I can’t have a partner who’s addicted to or feeding the media.”

Thanks again, Susanne. And please join in, anybody who feels the urge to share three quotes that move them with the world.

16 thoughts on “Three-Day Quote Challenge: Harry Bosch

  1. Mark, a good police officer doesn’t let the press know “inside information” and allows the ones who are in charge to decide what and when to release information to the papers. I have learned this from fine crime detective authors. Great quote and I like “Bosch.” (Michael Connelly’s books have stayed consistent in their quality while I could name a few authors who have let fame and fortune get to their heads.)


    • Yes, I agree, Connelly seems realistic from the press aspect of his writing, and has stayed consistently interesting over the decades. Hooray for for Harry! And I kind of like his half-brother Mickey Haller, too, now that he’s got his Lincoln Lawyer line.


  2. Another author I haven’t tried bro Mark, although several of his books are waiting in my library. I have my different “spells” where I spend days or years doing one activity to the detriment of all others, and then I will suddenly put that one down for a day or dozen years and pick up something else. After my last reading binge, when I devoured over 250 books, I picked up my hook, and I’ve been hooking for a couple of years now. I have close to 1550 books waiting in my eReader, so it will soon be time to put the hook away and veg out in my nest for some binge reading. Big problem with that is after I start a book I have to read until it is finished, whether it takes me 15 hours, or 150 hours. If it’s a short story, I keep reading more and more until I finally open one that contains 2000 pages. You can probably guess the rest of that one.


      • Since I have a row of Connolly’s books on my shelf bro Mark, I’ll start with them. I’ll probably finish the blankets I have started now, and then get back on the reading binge for the winter, curled under the afghans, hot chocolate by my chair, music on the CD player, shades drawn against the horror outside. Nirvana.


  3. I love detective fiction though have to admit Michael Connelly and Harry Blosch have passed me by. I have recently reread the complete Sherlock Holmes stories. My three favourite crime writers are Dorothy Sayers, Georges Simenon and Raymond Chandler. All of them pretty unbeatable,


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