Three-Day Quote Challenge: Leo King

My call of action for the Three-Day Quote Challenge came from Susanne Valenti.

Make sure to check out the new blogger on the WordPress block. Thank you, Susanne.

I’m going with quotes from literary characters from novelists dear to my heart. Relatable souls. In day two I dip into the lexicon of the protagnist of the latest novel from the inimitable Pat Conroy.

(Image from Google Books)

(Image from Google Books)

South of Broad was published in 2009, a long 14 years after Beach Music, which came out nine years after The Prince of Tides. Conroy takes time to develop his stories and people, rooted in his beloved south. He’s the man who’s brought to the world the vivid tales of The Water Is Wide in 1972, The Great Santini in 1976 and The Lords of Discipline in 1980, movies of varying levels of success made of them all.

It’s been five years since Conroy put Leo King there to reunite in Charleston, S.C., with his turbulent circle of friends and family to say this: “Somehow, we managed to survive that day, but none of us ever experienced the deliverance of recovery. I realize you can walk away from anything but a wounded soul.โ€

Now that’s relatable to our world.

Please feel free to join this Three-Day Quote Challenge is so moved.

34 thoughts on “Three-Day Quote Challenge: Leo King

  1. Oops. I love all of Pat Conroy books but my favorite is the one he teaches on an island, “Conrack.” The movies from the books are great, too. Your quotes made me think, Mark.


      • So glad you remembered the name of the book. I did read it but titles slip easily out of my mind. I actually liked the movie for “Prince of Tides” better and the book more for the “Great Santini.” The movie for the latter made me uncomfortable at th he level of meanness of Pat C’s father. Great acting but uncomfortable. Thank you, Mark for replying even when I am late to respond.


  2. That’s definitely related to me right now bro Mark. And I have read Pat Conroy. One out of 3 — not exactly a winner, but at least I’ve read it. After all, he IS from the South. We have intelligent people with wise words in the South.


  3. I started reading that a few months ago. Great writing, but the plot started getting too weird for me. I got through over half of it, I remember twins and a water scene and paper delivery, a dinner party with a heated argument, a fallen Hollywood star…

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  4. Great choice, Mark. I love that he takes his time, the effort shows in his works. The Prince of Tides is one of my all time favorites. He writes with such heart and authenticity about the South. Love the quote, have not read the book…added to the list. Thanks. โ˜บ


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    • He’s such a great storyteller and wordsmith. Pat won over this Northerner, Kimi. You are fortunate to have talked with him in a class and had him as your graduation speaker, my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚


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