Bags of Blessings (Feeding Hungry Children)

The Kindness Blog writes today about a program that packs and distributes food for those who really needs it.

Bags of Blessings reaches children who feel the love and benefits. Click the link below and read the hand-written letters of appreciation.

Also, thanks to Paul Curran for pointing the post out to me.

Bags of Blessings (Feeding Hungry Children).

12 thoughts on “Bags of Blessings (Feeding Hungry Children)

  1. Brilliant program MBM. I see the struggle for people to have food on a daily basis. In addition to this program, I am seeing the “Care Package” idea going around on FaceBook. This is suggestions of how to pack non perishables in zip lock bags to hand out to homeless people (or others in need), keeping them in your car for easy access to distribute as you can. I love good people and good deeds!! 🙂


  2. My door is never locked during the day while I am at home. There are so many people living in my building who are much worse off than I am, and I have always had enough to share. As long as I have an extra bean for the pot, I have an extra plate for someone who is hungry. Money may be scarce, but I know how to forage for food, so that is something I will always have and no one is ever turned away from my kitchen. I would say my table, but I don’t have a table, just a bar stool and a counter, and a love of cooking. My family consider me strange, but to me it is just the natural thing to do.


  3. So a litttle bit of info on me you did not know (of course how could you?) I run a soup kitchen at our local church on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, you say what’s a soup kitchen? Between the hours of 11:00 am until 12:30 we serve lunch to the homeless or whomever needs a meal. I purchase and finance the entire operation along with my family and volunteers and local shops produce, seafood, grocery, etc. donating goods however this Gatorette is picky and I want only the best ingredients. The folks I see are at my dinner table. They are treated with respect, kindness and no questions asked. The Pastor watches over the operation for safety concerns as well as an old High School classmate of mine who is a local Sheriff Deputy (uniformed but off duty). No fuss, No muss. Orderly and I do most of the cooking and baking with several others. My business degree at University of Florida taught me well don’t you think-seek and you shall find. Every little bit helps. It tears my heart to see any CHILD hungry!!!! Or anyone for that matter. I will bend over backwards to help those in desperate need Mark. You see my friend I am a child of privileges and I do not forget that. EVER…I am the Gatorette!

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    • How wonderful of you and your friends and loved ones to give this way, Gatorette. This news does not surprise me one bit as I have learned about you these past months here in BloggyVille. For you are the Gatorette, and you are good of heart. Bless you for helping those in need in your community, my friend, with food from your pocket, your hands and your soul. ❤

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