Are you ready for some football?

NFL training camps open before the month ends.

I was sent on a pigskin chase already. Yeah, I’m ready.

As deadlines have it, my September story for Central New York the Good Life Magazine is in the Double-D category. Due and Done.

My story will touch on Central New York football fever, Fridays through Sundays.

Park it here, Bills fans.

Park it here, Bills fans.

One of my stops was at The Beginning II in East Syracuse. My talk with owner Mike Krajacic revealed how he has turned from a Rex Ryan hater to a fan of the new Buffalo Bills coach. No, that’s not what my story will cover. But it was a cool part of our conversation and certainly is worth mentioning about the Buffalo Bills bar from this New York Jets fan.

Football players work out on a rainy July night at Christian Brothers Academy.

Football players work out on a rainy July night at Christian Brothers Academy.

Another stop was the complex at Christian Brothers Academy, where I talked with first-year coach Casey Brown in the locker room about how his mother still attends games where he grew up in North Syracuse. The story isn’t about that, either, but that type of passion for the sport makes me look forward to the season even more, too.

Too early or just right to be thinking about football? What’s your favorite football team, and why? Do you see young people working out for fall sports already in your neighborhood, and if so, what are they doing?


25 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. I’m ready and have been since the day after the last Super Bowl. Favorite team? Seattle Seakawks. Why? I ‘grew up with them’ and have been a fan from the start. There are no other teams to root for that are from the Pacific Northwest. Oh, and that last play? Still shaking my head. School starts in a week for us, so the high school football teams have been practicing. They have to get up very early in the morning to practice due to the heat and humidity.


  2. Now that’s putting a new spin on the concept of Double D’s MB! Yes, soon the football teams will be in practice down here in the land of heat and humidity -better known as “heat stroke central”. They used to drive the kids pretty hard and restrict water in order to toughen them up. After several heat related deaths, coaches have finally eased up a bit on the pushing and water restriction.


  3. Football! Yes please. NFL,College I like them all. Being a Homer I root for the Colts. As for college I lean toward IU. naturally and have had a fondness for Notre Dame since I was a kid. Bring it on.


  4. It is never too early to think about football. My favorite team is the Nebraska Huskers because I prefer college ball, but I’ve decided to start rooting for the NY Giants for NFL!


  5. Football? What’s football? I say give every one of those big dudes a ball of their own and then they wouldn’t all have to fight over one. ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. I am not a football fan. The High School football team practices have already started here – in the 100 degree heat. My son tried out for football last year, went through the hell camp in the summer, and on the last day of the camp quit. There was quite a hullabaloo about him being on the team. The coaches were convinced he was going to get a full ride scholarship – being 6′ 6″ and 250 pounds (he is a tank and only 17) – but he just did not enjoy it. So I am back to saving my pennies for college.


    • Good for your son knowing what he likes and does not like, S.D. There would have been a lot of pressure to play because of his size, but if his heart’s not in it, that wouldn’t not have been a good enough reason, I don’t think. Yes, you’re a good mom. Save those pennies.

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      • Saving, saving, saving. Hard to do with these monstrous grocery bills. UGH. Hope you are having a wonderful time – you are still in Estes?


  7. LOL, no I’m not ready for football ๐Ÿ™‚
    I suppose I’m looking forward to things I do while The Mister watches football — chili, books, quilts — but those things all come around every year, no need to rush into the football ๐Ÿ˜‰


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