Lake Street Dive may find a surprise at the Blog of Funny Names

Sometimes you have to break out of the mold.

I did it Saturday, my mind straying from the music somewhat for a moment as I watched the great young band Lake Street Dive.

And that lead to a bit of a departure in this month’s contribution over at the Blog of Funny Names, where my entry starts:



I spent a great hour smiling at the band Lake Street Dive.

Not because of a funny name, though it might qualify as somewhat of a head-scratcher for this young foursome out of Boston. Let drummer Michael Calabrese explain it on the band site’s bio page. “We are named in homage to dive bar bands,” he says. “We are, have been, and always will be a dive bar band. Whether we’re playing for 10 people or 10,000 we want them to have that feeling.”

At the M&T Syracuse Jazz Fest it was closer to 10,000. And as I watched lead singer Rachael Price (funny spelling), trumpeter/guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson (funny nickname), upright bass player Bridget Kearney and Calabrese play a bunch of great songs, something else somewhat humorous did strike me.

Click here to read the rest at BoFN.

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