OK, I do know you

Under the overhang.

Dry spot to eat.

Rain, rain go away

All the Polish people need to come out and

eat their kielbasa



with sauerkraut please and thank you.

After catching the matinΓ©e showing of Inside Out on Father’s Day, my daughter Elisabeth, her boyfriend George Three, and my dear wife Karen and I headed to downtown Syracuse and Clinton Square for a late lunch at the 61st edition of the Syracuse Polish Festival.

Yes, Elisabeth carries on my love of the food of our heritage.

As we stood in line to place our orders at the Sweet Eva’s stand, the rains came. Those three found refuge for us to eat our plates under an overhang at the adjoining Pyramid Cos. office building. Elisabeth gave me a look when I pointed my iPhone 6 for the shot above, but George Three was into it.

Now a gallery from our short but food-full stay:

Click on a photo in a gallery for a description. Click twice on the bottom right photo for an enlarged slide show.

Here’s how this challenge works: You Post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph that shares your insight or inspiration of or from the image.

This is the fourth of my entries in the Five Photos Five Series Challenge. My thanks to Amy Rose for nominating me to participate.

Today I nominate my new friend Courtney Loreanne. Have fun!

56 thoughts on “OK, I do know you

  1. It looks like a fun and delicious time. I’m a traitor to my own part-Polish heritage, Mark–I am no fan of Polish dishes (!). Well, that is a lie: I LOVE Polish dishes, but the ceramic kind.

    Surprisingly, my relatives who came here from Poland did not cook Polish food, so I was not used to it. I never thought to wonder why until this very minute. I’ll have to ask them once I see them again–in forty years.


  2. There you go…that’s the food of kings right there, Mark. Grew up in a very ethnic conscious neighborhood. Constant battles over who made the best golumpki, kishka, pierogi, etc. At least in my hometown, the Ukrainian Orthodox church had the best pierogi, Hungarians, the best blood sausage ( hurka), and the Polish stuffed cabbage, sour cream on the side…the best golumpki.

    I really need to eat before I post in the afternoons !! ☺


    • When I was growing up, my Polish relatives all loved the kishka, Van. There was even a Polka my father’s band played by the title of ‘Who stole the kishka.” I never took to it. No thank you! Thanks for bringing back that fun memory. I loved that polka! πŸ™‚ Yes, let’s eat, my friend.

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  3. Never mind the rain – looks like a great event! Hope you found a dry spot to shelter in and soak up the atmosphere as well as the rain. I’ve just looked up a recipe for Chrusciki and it is making my mouth water.


  4. So I ask why, if it was raining does George Three have his sunglasses on? I noticed day daughter Eliabeth’s sunglasses are on top of her head, which, like many others’ glasses, would be exactly where they would be found. But George Three? Hmmmmm …. Wonder what he could be hiding, cuz? Anyways …. really enjoyed the pictures especially the one of the young girl in a teeshirt that says, “Something Beautiful”. Um, cuz, just where were your eyes when you shot this pic? Now, you don’t have to tell, I’ll honor the man code, but I just could not resist teasing you. Excuse me, dear wife Karen. (;)) May you have a wonderful day! You are doing a fantastic job with the challenge!!! Love, Amy ❀


      • Clarifying here cause I feel I really said something that could have been taken in a few different ways. Cuz, I was talking about the FOOD that I am sure your wife tries to get you not to eat. There! I’m sweatin’ bullets here. I’m feeling pretty foolish right now. Between yesterday’s post and what came flying out of my sleepy fingers this morning …. perhaps I won’t say a word until my second cup of java …. I really do apologize, Mark, for my crazy mixed up words. *swipes forehead* ❀


      • No, I really apologize, Mark. I was half awake, and had an appt. this morning that I was getting ready for, giving out meds to the cats that needed them, getting my breakfast put together and me so I could get out of here. Too many things at once, which happens more oft then not in my life, and my fingers went flying, my smart mouth as well, and the words I meant to say never happened. Geesh. Now I have to go help hubby get up a ladder to our roof and me still feeling so dumb. Bless your Heart for not being angry with me. Now I’m wondering what in the heck else I wrote on other blogs that could be taken wrong? I need to take my own advice …. slow down. ❀


  5. i love the ‘day daughter’ title, perfect fit. and there is always time for polish food and a festival, even in the rain. happy you found your little spot to enjoy it )


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