Over at the Blog of Funny Names, The Fabulous Moolah

In this month’s contribution to the Blog of Funny Names, I reach into my little kid past to come up with a woman who ruled the squared circle.

Yes, boys and girls, you can read all about The Fabulous Moolah.

(From  wwe.com)

(From wwe.com)

Back in the day, the queens of the squared circle, oh, they were something, I tell you.

When I was staring in fascination at black-and-white, rabbit-ear earned action of Wrestling I Just Knew Was Real, the best of the women wrestlers was The Fabulous Moolah.

Oh, what a great and funny name for a woman who was born as Mary Lillian Ellison on July 22, 1923, in a South Carolina country town by the name of Tookiedoo.

As her story goes, Mary Lillian’s dad yearned for a night in the city, so he took his 10-year-old daughter with him to the state capital of Columbia, where they …

To finish the story, click here.

30 thoughts on “Over at the Blog of Funny Names, The Fabulous Moolah

  1. Funny, interesting post. But as for this type of wrestling: Gack. I don’t get it. I enjoy watching real wrestling, or should say, used to enjoy, in high school and college, one million years ago. But I don’t understand what the appeal of watching the fake stuff is. It must be next to that gambling gene I’m missing, too.


  2. My mother used to call me that when I was little…the Fabulous Moolah. I never really knew why until now. Funny enough, my daughter plays this little game with me where I am her hair stylist and when she does this, my character is Mommy Moolah, and she definitely has not prior knowledge of this wrestler or that I was ever called that as a child.


  3. Cool story Mark. The ways we amuse ourselves are odd by times. What she did for a living – and a good one – would be difficult to explain to visiting aliens. ๐Ÿ˜€


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