Make Music Day is celebrated in 700 cities worldwide. Sound good?

A whole bunch of people around the world will join together Sunday to admit that music has special powers.

The idea for a community fest to celebrate such a concept started in 1989 in France.

They picked June 21, the day of the Summer Solstice. Most sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and all.

Now it’s spread to more than 700 cities worldwide. Thanks to the Syracuse-based Making Music magazine, we’ve got ours on deck this Sunday.

I wrote about it for this week’s installment of my Mark It Up community column for Syracuse Public Media site

Feeling the jam at the 2014 Make Music Day in Syracuse. (Photo courtesy of Making Music magazine)

Feeling the jam at the 2014 Make Music Day in Syracuse. (Photo courtesy of Making Music magazine)

You can read my column there by clicking the link below.

Having been the music writer and critic for the big daily for 21 years, I know that Central New Yorkers can get into it.

The premise is: Volunteers at designated spots will bring their instruments. Everybody in the community is invited to bring theirs, too. Nothing is amplified. No matter the level, the mood is “play together.”

Hell, at the harmonica jam, the Hohner folks are even giving out free samples of the instrument they make, hoping to fuel the interest.


And it’s Father’s Day, too. A happy Sunday could be on the horizon.

Have heard about Make Music Day in your community? Have you ever participated in a jam, and if so, what was it like? If you could pick one instrument to pick up and learn now, what would it be and why?


34 thoughts on “Make Music Day is celebrated in 700 cities worldwide. Sound good?

  1. Oh yeah, they have Make Music Day here. They actually did a big festival in Pasadena on June 6 for it and now are having one in L.A. on the 21st. We have friends who played both gigs but my children had and will be having gigs on both days at different venues. I guess that could still count. Anyway, both the Pasadena and L.A. Make Music Day gigs are amplified.


  2. I play piano, guitar and drums! All my children are beginning to learn their favorite instrument,sometimes Mark it is a hoot hearing them off key but saying oh my, you are doing so well, keep practicing (like my 4 y.o. twins) they’re the funniest of all. Have a great day…

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  3. We have ROMP (River Of Music) here bro Mark. The “P” is added to make it sound like a word I think, because I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a meaning for that. Not sure if it is part of the Summer Solstice thingy either, because they are blocking the entrances to keep out non-paying fans this year. Not many free lunches in this place, but lots of concrete trees to sit under while you munch your paid lunch. I already know how to play guitar, even though physically unable to at the moment, and can still play my Q Chord, I would love to play piano beyond the one finger style I do so well. Would also love to play the violin well, without scaring the cows into withholding their milk, or even worse, souring it. Couldn’t hold that one now though. Guess I’ll just have to play the radio for now.


      • I can still play the Q Chord, but that is more like an auto harp where you just hit the correct button at the correct time. It’s soothing though, and nice for when I’m just relaxing. I miss being more active, but mostly love just hearing it now.


  4. what a fabulous idea, and syracuse is on the forefront of the music scene, in many ways. i’ve not heard of it, but would be happy to embrace it if if pops up here. i’m great on tambourine but would love to play bass or sax, if i had the skill set. )


  5. What a great idea! No, I have never participated in a jam. But I’ve been to them. We go on occasion to an Irish Bar and watch/listen to the musicians who gather randomly and play. It’s wonderful! And I’m still pluckin away at learning the guitar. 🙂


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