Call it the Beach Bar, please and thank you

The second drive the mile down Depot Road to the Atlantic Ocean was not met with a shuttered establishment.

The Tiki Bar was …

Hold on there, enthusiastic sir!

As my dear wife Karen and I practically skipped from the parking lot to the little open-air joint already packed with people on the Friday Happy Hour as our pre-tourist explosion annual June week in Cape Cod, a serious-as-Stoly gentleman hauling coolers across the walk heard the word Tiki escape these lips and corrected me.

“Beach Bar, sir,” he said, and I felt like was being admonished with a finger wagged in my face thanks to his tone, perhaps because I thought he looked older than me. “As much as she paid for the place, that’s what she wants it called.”

OK. Though consumer guy that I am, I prefer the sound of Tiki Bar and all that brings to mind.

Though the Beach Bar was splendid as I drank Grey Goose Bloody Mary(s) and my Dear Wife Karen went with Mojito(s), straight and then strawberry.

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The Atlantic Ocean stood at duty any time we looked to the left.

The trio to our left were locals. He said winter was awful because he works in construction. I thought he looked a lot like Justin Timberlake, but Karen was less enthusiastic about that observation.

They were glad to take our photo with my iPhone 6 in return.

Made in the shade.

Made in the shade.

At 5 p.m., the music man started playing. It was nice. But the temperature dropped, reminding Karen and I that we were at the shore of the great big ocean. Karen said something about the heater standing at the fringes, and the bartender said it was ready to be lit anytime anybody wished. instead, I drove us the mile back to the Happy Cottage, and we had a pizza delivered. With the vacation winding down, I splurged and ordered extra cheese. Yum. I wound it around a fork.

What name do you prefer, the Tiki Bar or the Beach House, and why? What would you have ordered this sunny happy hour? What request would you have made to the one-man band?

50 thoughts on “Call it the Beach Bar, please and thank you

  1. I have no idea what a grey goose bloody mary is but I’d love to find out. You do it again, Mr B with a fascinating post. I love the please return the chairs sign. what a delightful place for a vacation!


  2. If I had a beach bar, I’d stock up with the cheap stuff, situate it on a surf beach, and call it “The Curl ‘n’ Hurl”. No? How about “The Tidal Fool”? Give me time. I’m sure with enough rimshots, I can come up with something.


  3. Why would anyone go to a beach that doesn’t have a Tiki Bar? They have beach bars at every lake in the world, but only beach’s have Tiki Bars. I think I’m going to have to make a pizza, or something similar since you keep talking about food. Long time since breakfast bro Mark.


  4. whatever they want to call it, it looks fabulous. this guy must have been very concerned with the particular image he was wanting to portray. he’ll soon learn that the customer is right and no harm done. ) and i’m with karen on the mojitos. )


  5. Tiki bars are grass hut type places, with tribal masks and plonky music and tropical drinks with fruit and umbrella garnish. Should be only Polynesian, but people want what they want, lol!
    I’d just say it’s a bar, and I’d order some drinks and have a good time — which I see y’all did πŸ˜€


  6. For a good 20 mile stretch on our beaches there are so many “Bars” many are popular and they’re called by name. Such as meet you at the Ocean Deck (which is open air, covered patio on the Atlantic). Some of the Motels have Tiki Bars surrounded by pool and Ocean. Just a play on words. To me it looked like a Ocean Bar PERIOD! Oh, on the Atlantic.


  7. I’d call it “that place with the alcohol” – Ha! – I’m not overly concerned with names. As a business person she should encourage customers to call it whatever they desire – it builds a personal emotional link with her establishment that can only be good for business.

    Grey Goose, my oh my, Mark. You have very sophisticated taste. Cheers! It’s fun on vacation to indulge and relax, n’est pas? What great memories. πŸ˜€


  8. That place def looks more beach house to tiki bar to me. Don’t be hatin’. πŸ™‚
    As for drink, I’d probably stick to beer during the day. The sweeter the drink, the worse the hangover.


  9. Was there any of that straw looking crap around? No straw then no Tiki my friend. Still, old man buzzkill needs to stfu. Also, I believe you know what I’d be ordering at the whatsitcalled bar.


  10. He does look like JT, Mark! I think it’s odd that he corrected you Tiki Bar, Beach Bar – the customer is always right, especially if you want repeat customers! ❀
    Diana xo


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