Our little cherry tree now has a name

The results are in.

You voted with your feet.

Well, no you didn’t. It wasn’t the kind of poll where you actually have to drive there and pull down the lever and hang a chad or anything like that.

No, a week ago I decided to ask the world with a poll what my dear wife Karen and I should name the darling little cherry tree we’ve given a new home in the front yard of our Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood. I offered five choices and allowed write-in candidates.

The results are in.

My friends here in BloggyVille — you all — are interesting people. Oh, the comments compiled in the week I left the voting open.

Paul did his research, so sure is he that Sakura Siracusa is the perfect name. Lone vote.

Ann is quite competitive, asking back if she won with Cherry Baby or maybe by its song spelling Sherry Baby. Not this title.

Nor the theatrical Don’t Cry for Me Argentina, Robin, or the fabulously rocking Cherry Bomb, four Joan Jett fans.

In all 19 different names were, well, named.

Well done, my friends. So very well done. We could open an orchard.

But no, we’re sticking with this one Snow Fountain. And, on the strength of 14 votes in the official poll and more dropped in comments, the winner is … please do the honors, MDW Karen.

Live from Hafner's Garden Center, it's ...

Live from Hafner’s Garden Center, it’s …

It’s only right, considering the Neil Diamond concert and the cherry blossoms were the reasons we took that Easter Weekend getaway to D.C., which inspired the trip to buy the tree.

Official results: Cherry Cherry 14; George 5; Cherry Bomb 4; Snowy 3; Washington 2; Chinda 2; CC 2; Mari Chino 1; Cherry Baby 1; The Don 1; Cherry Amour 1; Apple 1; Georgette 1; Droopy 1; Sakura Siracusa 1; Cherry Cherry Snow Fountain Fairy 1; Neil 1; Don’t Cry for Me Argentina 1; Cherry Garcia 1.

84 thoughts on “Our little cherry tree now has a name

  1. I was definitely hoping for this in honor of Neil Diamond and the type of tree. Such a healthy tree, too. Mt youngest daughter gave me Melody Road album so am taking it on the road trip to Mom’s. Karen is such a sweetie, Mark. Probably wishes not to be in some of the photos but grins and bears it πŸ™‚ say hi from Ohio xo


      • I may do a post since my youngest daughter had different view of this album then we do. WondErin if our respect for him kind of influences our liking the new songs? Save your favorite one or two songs to add on my post when I get it written please, Mark!


  2. There I am voting for the second place candidate again…. just like I usually do in November. Cherry Cherry is a nice name, though I’m sure it will soon be shortened to just Cherry…. maybe even Cher.


  3. Cherry amour amused me more than it probably should have. May you have much joy with Cherry Cherry and sit neath her(?) blossom and do whatever it is you are supposed to do when sitting under a blossoming cherry tree.


  4. Yeah, don’t think I actually saw/voted on that poll. Anyway, Cherry Bomb would have been a good one too. You know, my blog is named after a Joan Jett album, although Cherry Bomb is technically a Runaways song…but who loves the Runaways and not Joan Jett??

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah, well who has?? Actually I saw Cherie Currie play a couple of times out here in L.A. There are a lot of rock stars who aren’t so successful in their careers any longer who are hanging around L.A. and play smaller venues. I’ve never seen Joan Jett. :^(


      • I saw Joan a few times, including right when “Light of Day” the movie was in the theaters. Great timing that was. I would love to see the other side of the curve in smaller venues, Marissa, because it’s my feeling that it’s not the artist’s talents that have changed at all, it’s the tastes of the mass mainstream.


  5. Are there other cherry trees in the neighborhood for your tree to play with? I don’t think they produce well unless they have friends…


  6. **Grumps and mumbles** Big Sigh. OK, all right, if we HAVE to go with the majority, then Cherry, Cherry it is. Sigh.Oh well, Thank you for the mention Mark – mighty kind. I am sure that Cherry Cherry will make a beloved addition to the Bialczak clan. I wish her a long and fruitful life (Ha! pun intended) – may she share in the love of the Little Bitty and all it’s inhabitants. Congratulations on your new addition to the family Mark – she has a very lovely name.


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