Coming soon to a parking lot near you

The tiny sign off the side of the road caught my eye, over to the right, in front of the turn that takes you to where so many of my fellow city folks used to make their living crafting that fine Syracuse China.

All that and more.

All that and more.

Ah, yes, I remembered hearing the radio ad and seeing the news bit on TV.

It’s time for the annual Eastwood Carnival.

I took that right turn.

It's going on down there.

It’ll be over there.

I saw some action going on way down yonder and drove toward it, past the new company on the left and the little league complex on the right.

Come here, Mark.

Come here, Mark.

You're invited.

You’re invited.

I parked my Chevy Cruz and stepped out with my iPhone 6. Workers were turning the final nuts and bolts on the rides and food stands and Midway game booths that will be the three-day Eastwood Carnival.

A guy saw me taking photos from the outside of the fence and invited me in. A couple of friendly women in front one of the concession stands waved to me and asked if this meant they were going to be in the paper. No, ma’am, answered I. I wonder if she’ll see this blog and their photo in the gallery below.

Click an any photo for a description. Click and hold the bottom right photo for an enlarged slide show.

The carnival runs tonight through Saturday in the parking lot at the former Syracuse China. I believe my dear wife Karen and I will make an appearance to support our neighborhood.

Here’s the link to the Eastwood Neighborhood Association site.

What’s your favorite carnival ride, and why? What’s your favorite midway game, and why?Which is your favorite photo, and why?


68 thoughts on “Coming soon to a parking lot near you

  1. I like the one of the two women out front. You can really see all the mayhem that a carnival is! I try to avoid amusement park rides at all costs. The majority of them just make me dizzy. Coming from my recent Legoland adventure, some of the water rides were fun.

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  2. We had one here a few weeks ago during a cold snap. Carnies in winter parkas and knit caps, with signs of “Iced Cold Lemonade”,barking out “Everybody Wins”, while folks lined up for $50. ride wristbands at ticket booths with adjacent ATM’s….It was quite a scene. I like to walk through and people-watch…it never gets old. Deep-Fried Oreos ! Van


  3. Whew! No rides for me Mark. The only ride i ever tolerated was Space Mountain in Disney – and that is because it is all closed in and dark. i don’t mind the physical effects – it’s the sight of the world spinning that drives me nuts. I do enjoy the energy and the delight of the youngsters. i can wander around all day with a soda and spun sugar treat and soak up the good vibes.


    • I absolutely, positively loved Space Mountain at Disney, Paul. That was at my younger fatherhood peak, say 20 years ago, when I loved each and every rollercoaster. But in the indoor Space Mountain, I rode it several times with my teen-aged niece and nephew, each time shouting as loud as I could, stay low stay low stay low! as the beams passed inches above our heads.

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  4. i used to love going and enjoyed it all, from corn dogs to spinning rides of all kinds. can’t go on anything that spins anymore, but love to take the grandies. lots to see and do and smell.

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    • Yes, they call it funnel cakes or fried dough or even elephant ears, Barbara. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, we’d get a version at the Italian festivals by the name of zeppoles. And our Polish variety, cooled off, is called Cruzstik. So many ways to call dough and sugar!


  5. I can’t really stomach rides anymore Mark, but I love carnies.

    Hey you got me thinking with those ladies wondering if they were going to be in the paper. You know what I did for just such occasions? I made myself some cheap-as-dirt personal business cards for my blogs online through vista print and when I’m out and about taking pictures, or asking for permission to take pictures, I give people my card with the blog site addresses and tell them when I’m going to post it. People like seeing themselves in print and who knows, it might even bring more readers! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So what’s your fave ride Mark? โค
    Diana xo


    • Diana, I am so d’oh! I have, say 400 of the 500 blog address cards I had printed by Vista Print the very first week I started it! How about I again make a habit of carrying them around as you do? Thanks for reminding me.

      I no longer have a favorite ride, though. It used to be the permanent amusement park rollercoaster. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. When I was in catering years ago, we did a swanky version of carnival food with a seared tuna skewer wrapped in wasabi cotton “candy” and funnel cakes with drizzled with bourbon creme anglais! I love roller coasters too, but the old school kind – not the new kind that flip you around inside and out.


  7. Oh there’s nothing like a carnival. Funnel Cakes… Lemonade… French Fries and Malt vinegar! Ferris wheels! Candied apples! THE SPIDER! Love it all! I like all your pictures Mark! I can’t pick a favorite!


  8. I haven’t been on a ride in YEARS and I doubt I could tolerate it now, but LOVED the Tilt-a-Whirl as a teen/young adult. Just something about flying around in circles… Come to think of it, as an adult I’ve been a few times to a Sufi zikr where we’ve done the whirling practice and I love that too. So apparently I have a thing for twirling…


  9. I don’t do rides any more. I gave those up when I tried riding after I had my first child and got sick all of the time. Probably related to the hormones but I never went back for rides. Now food on the other hand…… ๐Ÿ™‚ What’s not to love? You can eat all you want because you work it off walking round and round and round …… though the last festival type thing I went to didn’t have rides. But it DID have deep fried oreos…..


  10. I love carnivals! My favorite ride was always the Octopus. Food? Can’t beat fried dough dusted with powdered sugar.

    Ever attend the Timonium State Fair when you lived in Maryland?


  11. I love the action in some of the photos but will savor the french fries and funnel cake photo. It is good it is on the computer and won’t get ruined from my drooling. We have the Delaware Arts Festival, so plan to go around and scope out things with Jenny (a.m.), afternoon with Anna and ‘beer garden with band’ and then Sunday will be checking out the pottery artisans with my female friend, Marty. Smiles and hope you have a fantastic weekend, Mark.


    • Sounds like a plan, Stan. (Female version.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a great time, Robin. I am listening for MDW Karen’s car to pull up in the driveway from work now to run out and to Chipolte for dinner on a gift card and then get our weekly food shopping done. Yay!


  12. Hey Mark – I like the slideshow view of the photos – and my fav is the opening photo. It really captures the essence of these small traveling carnivals – as the sign sits upon the weathered pavement – the single cone – and the whole vibe –


    • Thanks, Y. I love that shot, too. It’s so desolate. Which these things really are except for the few fleeting and frantic hours when the locals fill the rides and food booths and money boxes. Then, pack up and drive to the next parking lot or weed-filled field.

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      • you are so right…. “pack up and drive to the next parking lot or weed-filled field” – very interesting business to be in – and I love the smell of funnel cakes at events like this – and the taste of those greasy yummies…


  13. I love ALL carnival rides, Mark. And I also love carnival lemonade and french fries. ๐Ÿ˜‰ YUM! Once my son Jeremy won a fish who he promptly named “Rex Rachel Carrera” after his two favorite names. (I don’t know where he came up with Rex.) Sadly, Rex Rachel didn’t even survive the ride home. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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