Celebrating a Sammy with Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers didn’t just accept his shiny black Sammys trophy and go home.

Well, the singer, guitarist and songwriter perhaps did something of that sort the night in March after he won the Syracuse Area Music Award category for best Americana recording.

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, in red, with Joshua Dekaney and Wendy Ramsay.  (Photo by Genevieve Findley)

Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers, in red, with Joshua Dekaney and Wendy Ramsay. (Press Photo by Genevieve Findley)

Rodgers instead planned a Syracuse gig for the band that recorded the album, “Almost There,” that won that category for him.

The show is at 7 p.m. this Wednesday, May 5, at Small Plates, 116 Walton St., in downtown Syracuse’s Armory Square. Doors open at 6 p.m. for food and drinks.

Tickets are $10, available at Sound Garden in Armory Square and at Rodgers’ site linked below.

Peppers will be joined by the band that played on the award-winner: His guitar, strumstick and vocals will be joined by Joshua Dekaney on percussion kit and vocals; Wendy Ramsay on accordion, flute, clarinet and vocals; and John Dancks on upright bass. They’ll also be joined by special guest Jason Fridley on sax.

I thought the album was dynamite when I reviewed it here. I called it lush, lively and lovely.

Here’s the link to my review of Rodgers’ recording “Almost There.”

Here’s the link to Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers’ site.

Here’s the link to my story about this year’s Sammys ceremony.

Who played the last live music show you attended? Who played the last local band music show you attended? Would you prefer and big major concert by a national band or a more intimate show by a local band, and why?</strong?

22 thoughts on “Celebrating a Sammy with Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers

  1. Yet another reason for me to move back to NY…. the lovely music scene. I was just talking about you to my boss the other day, telling him what musical fun you have up there while we’re down here with nothing but heat. 🙂


  2. I don’t have experience going to the big shows MBM. But a smaller setting with locals, absolutely. Music brings people out, and together. Though every attempt thus far this year has been thwarted by unplanned interruptions….I’ll keep planning and get out there to see my music peeps!!!


  3. I prefer an intimate show, Chum. For sure, however, I was envious of the concert I missed here on Saturday night. ZZ Top played on the other side of Houston and Mr. Beck came along to play with them. Apparently it was….re dic u lous! And I’m left with nothing but envy. I should have gone, but I had to chaperone a Six Flags event to San Antonio.


  4. I love hometown bands, locations and still, would enjoy going to see the legends, until they are no more!
    I enjoyed this post, so glad a home town group is charging such a reasonable amount of $10. I am glad they won the Sammy award, too.


  5. When I was a teenager I started out going to a lot of huge venues to see major bands. Then, when I started hanging out in NYC, I liked the intimacy of clubs better, plus it was cheaper, lower maintenance, and there were so many great bands out there. Nowadays, it’s usually my husband and son going out to the bigger shows for the sake of our budget. I try to support his School of Rock friends now that some of them are playing clubs.

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  6. Good story brother Mark.. My last local band concert was my old pal Randy Lanham, who was in Reba’s band for a few years until he became homesick for small town


      • We’ll have some bands playing Friday and Saturday bro Mark. The BBQ festival begins Friday, and goes all day and most of Saturday night, with the Mutton Glutton starting at 2 p.m. That is where people with large appetites can go into the air conditioned River Park Center, and spend the afternoon eating all they want all afternoon. It comes at a pretty large price to fit the name, of course.


      • I don’t think I’d want to partake in all the mutton you can eat at one price, sis Angie. Mutton is pretty tough, as I recall. Anyway. Steak, perhaps. I am not really a glutton anymore, though, portion wise.


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